Thursday, 24 March 2011


Another sunny day!  Spring has sprung!  Yesterday I grabbed the opportunity to visit one of my favourite local places where the daffodils take your breathe away.  I was not disappointed, this year was even better than last. 

As much as I would love to throw myself whole heartedly into Blogging for Scrapbookers class, I need to be creative with my time.  So when Shimelle asked to think about favourites I also thought about her other prompts so far.  What are my intentions and how much do I want to share of my personal life?  For me, blogging was not something in my game plan but I discovered it led me to a whole new exciting world where I can share my own creativity and what I love, and more importantly, meet people who not only understand but share my passion.  I didn't expect to make friends a long the way.  A bonus indeed!!

Todays prompt from Shimelle is how do we blog when there is not much to write about?  Again, it made me think of mundane days and I remembered a post I enjoyed writing about cooking a meal.  We decided to set ourselves a challenge to make it more fun.  Jamie Oliver is one of my favourite chefs so we used one of his cookery books   Go here if you want to find out more.

And that got me thinking about other favourite postings.  Here is a list, just in case you'd like to have a quick browse:

I'd like to list favourite blogs that I visit but I have just noticed the time and I need to get ready for work!  I will list these another time but as I have got the link ready I will quickly mention this one:

I love making my own things from scratch so this blog is not only huge fun and inspirational, but it also offers great tutorials and ideas on how to make counterfeit kits and embellishments.   It's worth checking out.

One of my plans was to try posting shorter and more regular blogs.  Achieved!!

Have a good day!! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Blogging... so far

I should be doing this and that... but I am trying to distract myself from difficult decision making, and where better to do it than on line!! 

Have you heard about Shimelle Lane's Blogging for Scrapbookers class?  I subscribed after I had set up my blog and have been waiting for it to go 'live' again so that I can be part of  an online community.  Lots of the members met on an earlier course and set up their blogs around the same time.  How lovely to be part of something so special!  Some even got together on Skype last weekend!  Luckily I have got to know some of these people a long the way and  blogging has opened up a whole new world of networking and friendships.
I wonder where it will go from here?

I had no plans to be creative today, but I was inspired by 'scrappysue' a member who posted her scrapbook page on the forum.  I just had to lift her idea and do it!  It's my first page where I have not used a photo, and because I could do it quite quickly and without getting out loads of stash I could not resist the urge. I'm not satisfied that it is finished and when I have more time I will revisit and make it more my style, but for now it does what I want.  It was good looking back over the history of my blog, something I've not done before.  It made me realise that I don't blog as frequently as I'd like, and when I do I tend to do a big post as I have so much to say!  Something to work on!

I'm looking forward to learning lots of new ideas and techniques.   I still consider myself new to blogging (since June 2010) and with much to learn, and hopefully this class will give me a lead. 

So, what else is on my Workspace this Wednesday?  This useful pin cushion with an attached pocket that I have made for a friend.  I saw the idea at the recent residenttial, and thought it an idea gift.   A friend asked me to make one for her too, so with no pattern but just an idea I got out my fabrics and sewing machine.  I may make one for myself when I have more time.   I love to see other people's workspace and what they are busy doing. Go to Julia's blog to see more.

The sun is shining and I should be doing 101 other things so that's it for today.  Enjoy the weather, creating, or what ever it is you are doing.  My plan is to write shorter and more regular posts.  There - I've said it!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wading in !

My last post showed my craft area (I still cringe when I think that I shared this!)  
I'm not a tidy worker at the best of the time... things spread and spill and how ever much I get out there is always something else you need.  You know how it is! 
My plan to blitz the room was sabotaged when I felt unwell for a few days, so the door remained shut while I had pj days laying on the sofa, catching up with films and programmes I had saved to watch on the TV.

I made one concession, I needed a birthday card for an aunt.  It was a special birthday so I wanted it personal and found a photo of when she was a bridesmaid.  I received a phone call from her this morning, expressing her surprise and love of the card. 
It's moments like that that make it worthwhile and remind me why I go to the effort I do.  It would be so much quicker to send a shop bought card, but that would not give me any sense of pleasure in sending,or match the enjoyment I get from coming up with ideas and then making them happen. 
I got the idea for this card from a blog I'd just seen.   Pretty Lil' Things just sums these tags up!!

Sian posted a tutorial for beautiful paper rosettes that she made and I want to have a go....  like now! 
But I will have to be patient use it as motivation and a carrot at the end of my stick. 

So with energy restored and motivation flowing I am about to open the door and
wade in! 

By the way, if you like the Dymo tape you can make one here
I found the link on a blog and wanted to give credit but I forgot to write down the details.
How do you keep tract of blogs you might want to come back to??  I am sure I am not the only one who hops from blog to blog, getting more and more lost and giddy with excitement! 
So, apologises to the person concerned... and thank you! 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Comfort in the Choas....

I'm embarrassed to show my workspace this Wednesday but after a residential weekend, followed by a crop and time crafting with friends, everything has got out of hand.

So with some time off work I finally have an opportunity to blizt!  I have spent today unpacking the rest of the bags and trying to reorganize.  I have bought lots of new materials recently (to compensate for  the ongoing situation at work), and now I need larger storage containers.  So I have been reshuffling, relabling, and redesigning my work area.  A job that is long overdue!

While I have been busy, it's also been a lot of fun.  The residential was at Belstead and a 'Focus on Photos'.  Moira Neal showed us how to use Picasa, a free software that enables you to create collages and special effects.  We had much fun in the garden using a sheet of white paper to reflect the sun, and we took turns having our photo taken with the sun in each direction so we could experiment with light and shadows.  With everyones camera focused and clicking we each had our moment of fame.  And sometimes, amid roars and tears of laughter, Moira set her timer and did a quick dash so she could  be included in the shot.  If only learning was always this much fun!! 

On our way to Belstead we went on a mamouth shop, first to A Trip Down Memory Lane, where I finally spent the £20 voucher that I won back in January at my monthly crop, Eclectic Keepsakes.  Then we went to a recycling centre where we bought bags of wonderful goodies at bargain prices.  I was especially pleased with a huge bundle of lace and bag of fabric, it really is pot luck when you go to these scrap stores but we were not disappointed.  Then we met up with another friend who took us to Papermaze.  This was my first visit and I was very impressed.  Although small it had an amazing stock and even more to pack into the already bulging car.  Finally, with an hour to spare, we stopped off at The Range. And yet more goodies found their way into my possession.  Sometimes it is just too hard to resist!    

Here are just a few bits that I bought, and some books I took a long to the course.  We also looked at Photoshop Elements, and I was very excited to learn a couple of things I'd been wanting to do. 

I worked on my 'Journal Your Christmas' album while I was there and just have about 5 pages to go.  It feels like it has been on the go for months, which would be true, but I only pick it up now and then and still enjoy putting it together.  I love the overall idea and this has been my first  attempt at journalling. 
Also on the table you can see some Paper Artsy stamps - I LOVE these and managed to pick them up at a bargain price.  I also bought a set of gorgous papers 'For the Record'.  I plan to use these, not just admire, and they will be perfect for a family album I have in mind.  I have a lovely collection of old family photos waiting to be used.   But before I start I want to finish tidying and create a space that is good to work in.  Hopefully, I can take another photo and it will look much more inviting than the one I showed at the beginning of this post!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Creative Colour Swap!

I took part in Louise Gale's Creative Colour Challenge and was partnered with Sally who lives in Madrid.  I received the most beautiful gift...... a handmade felt broach and hair clip - just my colours and style! 
Oh... and a beautiful hand written note.  Perfect!!   Thank you Sally, I was so lucky to have you as my partner!

I had great deliberations over what to make Sally and abandoned my first effort when I discovered it could take all Summer to complete!  So I made a felt needle case.  I loved making it and little did I know that this was something that Sally needed.  What's more, it arrived on her birthday, how perfect!  I would have enclosed a birthday card had I known but warm email wishes were sent.

I loved taking part and the excitement of giving and receiving a gift.  Thank you Louise for coming up with this wonderful idea. 

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