Monday, 6 January 2020

One Word 2020 - Flourish

Do you choose 'One Word' for the year ahead?

I did this for years and then life got busy. Last year my chosen word was not embraced and held close to my heart, as before. 

So, this year I am changing that. And the same word speaks to me:


It means: To grow or develop in a healthy way, to thrive and be in a healthy state, to be successful and do well.

And it feels right, because last year I focused on improving my health. I released 3 stone and have seen benefits that I had not anticipated. Like, having more energy, and feeling fitter even if I have not done any exercise to achieve this. 

I have a clear memory of walking up a long steep hill with a friend. We chatted as we walked until I suddenly felt on my own. Looking back I saw my friend way behind, pausing to catch her breath. What made this memorable?  Because once that would have been ME! 

I was the one who would call out to my husband and son that I'd catch them up. 
I was the one struggling to breathe as our walks became arduous. 

No more!

And the change has impacted on other areas of my life too. My GP always told me that I would find it more difficult to reduce weight because I have an underactive thyroid. We sometimes believe stories we are told and that feeds into our self belief. But it wasn't true!
So many myths and stories have been dispelled and while my body has reduced I have grown in so many other ways! 

So, here's to 2020! 

My year to Flourish and keep flourishing! 

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