Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I have mentioned already that life at work is stressed and not very good at the moment due to NHS cutbacks.  So I have looked forward to spending a day with my friend Ruth and a day at a Spa .
Have you ever used Microsoft Excell when working with photos or digital images?  I have Photoshop Elements that I plan to master, but meanwhile I sometimes want to add layers or text quickly and I often resort to Miscrosoft Word which does the job albiet slowly and clumsily.  It takes patience and practice to formatt each layer and position.  At least it does me! 

Ruth often talks about using Excell to do the same thing, and so we met yesterday in her riverside cottage.  We set up our laptops and spent the whole day experimenting.  Ruth  showed me how to use the software & I discovered it is much the same as Word, except that it was much easier to use for 
creating layers using papers & elements from digitkits.  We added photos and text, and I was so excited because I learned how to recolour, add bevels and do all sorts of amazing things a click of a button.  And all this time the software was on my computer not being used!  In February I am going on a 3 day residential run by Moira Neal and the focus is on photos.  I have downloaded Picasa onto my laptop, so I will have a choice of softwares to use for manipulating, enhancing and working with my photos.  I will add some photos of my Excell creations when I have more time.  A day with Ruth was just what I needed on my day off work.  She is one of those wonderful people who you can just unwind with and be yourself.  And the view from her window is so relaxing too.  Watching the tide slowly rise and the sun cast shadows was everything I needed to complete my day. 

And then today, just to complete my eclipse I spent a day at a Spa with my sister in law and niece.  We had an hour and a half journey in busy traffic but once through the door I was transported.  How do I describe ecstacy?  Beautiful surroundings, soft background music, white fluffy towels, a massage with aromatherapy oils, salt water pool, jacuzzi, pilates, and a 'bedroom' where you could relax with a book, a sellection of drinks and a bowl of fruit.   Imagine about 6 Queen size beds side by side, covered in cool white cotton sheet and piles of huge soft pillows.  Bliss hardly describes the feeling. 
After the Spa we went for a meal.  It was another perfect day.

I had booked to go to the Spa in December with another friend, but it was cancelled due to the heavy snow fall. Luckily we have rebooked so I still have another day of heaven planned.  I have a smile of my face just thinking about it. 

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