Monday, 21 January 2013


I have just returned from 3 days at Grafham Waters, a creative retreat where I unwound, completed a number of mini albums, and indulged in wonderful home cooked food and great company.

This time we were a varied bunch of beaders and quilters as well as those of us who like pretty papers.  And it was surprising how much we all shared... 
  • Our mountain of stash
  • Ways of organising by colour or pattern 
  • Our NEED to buy more even when we have abundance...  let's face it, we never have exactly the right shade, size, pattern, however many we have!!
  • Our pile of work-in-progress or UFO's (unfinished objects).
And what's more, I now have a week off work to continue my unwinding....  bliss! 

It won't be continued play, as much as I would like it to be...

Projects around the home continue and I have new bookshelves in my study to fill and piles of paperwork to sort through and organise.  And as we are snowed in I don't feel any urge to leave the house so I will be list-making and setting myself challenges. 

And the occasional treat too.... because all work and NO play is not in my rule book!

Have a good week what ever you are doing. 
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