Monday, 11 July 2011

10 things on the 10th (July 2011)

Last month I made a list  and have been busy working my way through: 

Organising my photos - this is started and work in progress.  There was rather a lot of catching up to do, you see! 

Project 365   Finally added to my Flickr album here.

Start an Art Journal  more about that here.

Finish knitting a bollero.    That's here:

Finish my 'Journal Your Christmas album'I just need to put the pages together.  

Use my Wii fit. 
Not done.... 
but only because I have been doing a lot of physical work this month.
I also bought 2 fitness DVD's that were recommended by my daughter.  She has only used them 3 times and has noticed a big difference in her muscle tone.  I've used it once so there is hope for me yet!  And I will get the Wii out sometime as it is a lot of fun.

Birthday Blog.   A blog hop to celebrate my first year. A HUGE thank you to the very special people who helped me with this, and to everyone who took part. 

Plan holiday or a break. I'm looking forward to visiting the 'Bloomsbury Set House' and Lewes in Sussex, with friends very soon.  We are also in the process of buying a campervan, and have joined the Camping & Caravan club.  The site directory has just been delivered and I'm looking forward to a cut of tea and more making more plans to get away.

Organise my work space.  Unfortuantly it is taking longer than hoped as there have been unwanted delays, then yesterday I experienced vertigo every time I looked up.  This is not a good experience when perched on a ladder, so again I did not achieve as much as I hoped.  But I did make a difference and today I will buy more paint and start on the interior.  So, good progress is being made even if it is slower than I wanted.

Add a texture to a photo.
This was not the photo I wanted to post but for some reason Blogger is being picky.  This shows the before and after, and this can be quite fun as well as creating age or different effects.  Kim Klassen is offering a free mini-course on how to add textures.  It starts today, so head straight over if you are interested in finding out more.

So, this time I shall be continuing with organising my photos and workspace.  And I plan to carry on with the painting because I have some chairs and a lovely little table I want togive new life to.

I wonder what plans you have or what you are working on right now?  Have fun what ever you are doing.

This post is part of Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th. 

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