Wednesday, 30 December 2015


Often when I am out with my camera I am looking for photo opportunities, such as pairs to share  on Helena's weekly meme over at Helena's Creative Maven.  The problem is I download them and then get involved in other things or don't get round to posting. Which is a shame as I love photo challenges and taking part with others. I must find a way round this....

But for now I do have a pair to share, taken on a walk the other day when I visited a local garden. I took a path I do not often venture down and stopped in my tracks to admire the bark on this tree: 

And while I looked up I noticed something on the tree next to it.

A pair of Koala's!  I had to add this pair too! 

What was interesting is that as I looked up, other people passed and were tempted to do the same. This created conversation about the importance of looking up and amusement at seeing the unexpected. It also made me think of my friend Melanie in Australia. And how much pleasure I can get from a simple photo challenge. Thanks Helena. I really will post more and not just take photos to leave them in my downloads!

Thanks for popping by and if you missed my last post you can see more photos taken on my walk including daffodils in December. And for more photo pairs, just click on the link at the beginning.
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