Wednesday, 28 October 2015


On Monday my daughter's home was burgled. Luckily she was out at the time, enjoying some Halloween fun during half term. But I feel sick when I think what it must have been like for her, going home and discovering that someone else had been there before her. That there had been forced entry and things taken. Wedding and engagement rings, the watch she had bought her husband and other jewellery that had special meaning. Other things taken belonged to the girls, and the compassionate part of me thinks it sad that someone who would do this might lack the love and stable upbringing that my grand daughters have. Because anyone with any thought for others or sense of justice and morals would not do this to another person.

My heart swells with pride when I think about what an amazing mother
my own daughter is, and my son in law is not only a brilliant father but also her rock at times like this. And that makes it all the more painful that someone should break into their home, and destroy this
safe space. Or could have.  Because it would be so easy to let this awful thing manifest into something bigger. To dwell on the negative rather than the positive. Because both take the same amount of time, and it is how you manage adversity that makes the difference.

And it's times like this you learn who cares and what matters. Their
neighbour proved priceless. After giving hugs, phoning the police and making cups of tea, she cooked dinner for the girls and looked after them so that my daughter and her husband could do what was needed. After the police had taken fingerprints, family turned up to do what they could to help and we took the girls overnight. Next day flowers started to arrive from friends and neighbours down the road.
They have said they will look out for each other more. So many people have sent heart felt wishes and offers of help. And I am so proud of how my daughter and her family have dealt with this. Yes, they are truly shaken. Heartbroken about things taken. And it will probably take time for them to feel safe again in their own home.

They may be winded from the punch, but they know how to fight back.
And the love and support of others is a true help. 

I hadn't planned to share this. But when I woke this morning and thought about what to write I remembered an art exhibition I saw yesterday at The Turner Gallery in Margate.  And the two things became connected.

At first sight the exhibit looked like pieces of metal created as musical instruments. But then I read the story behind these and learnt that the metal came from decommissioned illegal weapons seized by the Mexican government. 

I hadn't seen weapons. And when I looked at the art exhibit again knowing, I had mixed feelings. Because I don't like what these stand for, power, corruption, and living in a way that does not have care or compassion for others. But I looked again with an open mind. 
This time I saw a piano 


and percussion

And I love that Pedro Reyes has turned this dark side into something playful and light.  When the instruments played you could not help but pause and enjoy, be fascinated and intrigued. Someone else who is using adversity to the better good. 

And as the sun set in Margate, I reminded myself that there is always a blue sky behind the clouds, you just have to look and believe. And know how to fight back when life throws a punch.

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