Wednesday, 14 September 2011


What's on your workdesk Wednesday?

Mine is a clutter from the monthly crop, still to be put away.  But I had to clear space to make a wedding card.

Next to it is an experiment - I inked the embossing pad before putting it through the Big Shot and this coloured the background, leaving the raised part white.  I quite like the effect but need to practice getting the ink more even.  Any tips?

Next on my workspace is my LSNED page.  I've only done 3 so far!!  I took the pages a long to the crop and managed to prepare some backgrounds, at least that will help in the catch up. 

And also taking space is the Log Book I took on holiday.  It was something I planned to start when we have the campervan but as I had prepared the book I took it anyway.  There are a stack of leaflets to add but I plan to keep it simple.  Perhaps that should be my lesson for todays LSNED!

Hope your workspace is full of good things.  Go over to Julia's to see what other's are busy with.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Oh yes, we did camp without a camper!   But it was no surprise because despite all the promises and reassurance we knew it would not be ready in time.  Not to be defeated we packed the new drive-away awning that we had bought and set off for north Wales.  And true to form it lived up to my expectation, for it was wild, wet and windy much of the time.  The men did a grand job of putting up the tent in the rain, while I took refuge inside and pegged out the ground sheet and inner tents!

Despite the weather we had a grand time.  It had been Marc's idea to go to Wales.  He wanted to share some of the places he has been, since we were put off north Wales after our last wet and windy experience many years ago.  But this time we went prepared with good footwear and waterproofs.  The tent performed extremely well under the conditions and the site was just perfect.  We were surrounded by beautiful sceenery and the light and clouds changed constantly.  There was a pub on site that sold good food and real ale, and a small railway station with steam trains pulling in 4 times a day.  Add owls hooting throughout the night, and good amenities, what more could we want?  Other than warm dry evenings so we could BBQ perhaps?  But snug inside the tent playing scrabble was just as much fun and we did everything we planned except go on a cable car and walk out to South Stack Lighthouse.  Both were closed due to high winds.  But there were also breaks in the weather, and the changing skies added to the atmosphere and dramatic sceenery .  I will let the photo's speak for themselves.

And perhaps I won't leave it so long to return to north Wales next time!

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