Monday, 9 November 2015


There's been a lot going on this weekend so it seems a good idea to give Sian a wave.  When she wrote her first 'ME ON MONDAY' post she never intended that others would join in, but some liked the idea and now she has a following. I've only just started joining in and may not be here every Monday but I enjoy visiting others who are. Right now it fits well with my 30 day Blogging Challenge so I am here today looking back on my weekend....

And as always it started Friday for me. It was a day for food shopping, tidying, and packing. An increasing pile for a Steampunk event that was planned for Sunday, in readiness for 2 short workshops. So it was a list making, card cutting, preparation and
packing kind-of-day. 

And a sinking heart kind-of-day when I couldn't find the rust powder which was an integral part of my design. A keep-calm don't-panic kind-of-day, and trust that it would all work out okay.

It was also another challenged-by-technology kind-of-day. There have been plenty of these in recent months when a simple task can take hours.... when my computer fails to start, or shuts down mid-way. A take-a-deep-breathe and carry-on kind-of-day. I won't bore you with all the details!  Suffice to say it seems I need to replace it and sort out other technical glitches too. 

It's a test of my patience and perseverence that I have managed to post every one of my 30 day Blogging Challenge. 

It was also 'hello son' kind-of-day, with roast dinner and catch up chats. More searching for rust powder, blogging, and late to bed... get up early next morning kind-of-day.

Because Saturday was fun filled! I finally met online friend Deb Wainwright, and we found we had even more in common than we thought. We were both booked on Mark Gould's workshop at That's Crafty and I made other new friends there too. And what a great time we all had!

Then it was a dash-home dash-out-again kind-of-day. A friend had invited us over for fireworks and we stood on her balcony overlooking the grand spectical, with mugs of hot soup and great company. A perfect end, late-to-bed, early get-up-next-morning again kind-of-day. 

Because the computer problems had persisted and I still needed print outs for the Steampunk event. And to find the rust powder! It was a
breathe slow, keep calm kind-of-day. A grateful for calm support and help from my husband and son kind-of-day. They carried bags, did what they could, and gave 'so what's new?' looks, as I dashed around and screamed with joy when I found the rust powder. It was a surreal kind-of-day in company of Steampunks, machinery, and excitement of running book making workshops. A pulling everything together even when things worked against me kind-of-day, and feeling relief, satisfaction and sheer joy as we packed the car homeward bound. 

And before the day ended there were hair cuts, curry cooking, and on-line seaches for computer solutions. A 'good-night, what a great weekend, thanks for your help', write a blog post before midnight, and go to bed happy-happy kind-of-day. 
You can find out more about the Steampunk event here, and I'll be posting tomorrow about the Mark Gould workshop so I hope to see you again soon.  Thanks for popping by and I hope your own weekend was fun filled, relaxing, or what ever made you happy....

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