Thursday, 23 June 2011


Can grief be good?  I know it is a processing and experiencing of feelings.  And I guess you can do that in a positive way by going through the stages by embracing it, and recognising it for what it is.  Or you can deny yourself this because it is too painful, uncomfortable, or because for whatever reason, you just can't.

This week someone I know died before her life had really begun.  I worked with her for nearly 3 years and although I lived in the knowledge that her life could end and tried to prepare myself for this, nothing can take away the shock.  And I am trying to work with this in a positive way.  Work is not the place to be while I process what has happened, and and it is important that I recognise my own needs otherwise my work with other people may be affected.  And so I am at home, doing what I know helps.  Being creative, because this is what touches me most.  Not scrapbooking or album making.  But art journalling and writing.  Get in touch with my thought processes and feelings, and allowing them to be expressed in a healthy way.  And I also know that isolating myself is not helpful, so I have had contact with friends and other people who can help me with this.  And sometimes, more often than not infact, it is mutual support.  A sharing of memories, ideas of how to put things into perspective and to move forward.  I am going to the funeral and I will also be involved in a celebration of her life with other people who knew and worked with her.  Ceremonies and rituals are important.  Our ancestors knew this much better than we do.

In 10 things on 10th I said I would start an art journal.  And this seemed the perfect time to do so.  I don't know why I didn't do this years ago actually.  I love expressing myself through art, or working with others to do this.  A journal is the perfect place to keep pages together.  Up until now I have always worked bigger, A1 or A2, but there is no reason why I can't keep doing this too when the mood or need takes.  And now I recognise that the beauty of an art journal is that you can take it with you.  Use it in the moment or when opportunity strikes.

So here are the first pages.  Some speak for themselves, others are work in progress.

I have also started to make some backgrounds.  This one is a favourite photo of mine that I altered using  impressionist style at befunky.   If you have not checked out this site already it is worth a look.  I like to alter my photos sometimes for creative work, and think I will be doing this more regularly with an art journal to fill.

And this one was hand printed using the base of a bunch of celery.  They look like flowers, I love the effect:

And finally, for those who have visited from Julia's, here is a picture of my desktop.  Not my usual style, but now you know why.

You will also know why I have not visited so many blogs or left comments this week.  I will be back in action soon. 

For the moment I just need time to be quiet and to gather my thoughts. 
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