Monday, 11 November 2013

5 in 5 - MELANIE November 2013

Those who follow my posts might know that Melanie is my friend who lives in Australia.  She loves photography and enjoys taking part in this monthly challenge.... there is just one problem.  Melanie does not have a blog!  And so each month I post her photos and I love that we have found a way for her to take part. 

Thanks Melanie, over to you:

" November '5 in 5' -  I had a plan but it failed on two counts.

The first failure was the date.  I planned to go on November 5th and do my 5 in 5 in the New Forest.  Well my daughter was worried November 5th was expected to be a day of showers (as it turns out this expectation has come true)  but November 4th was expected to be blue skies and sun shine .  Since to get to the New forest I had a ferry ride then a 3 mile walk which wouldn't be much fun in rain I decided November 4th was the better bet.  This as it turned out was the perfect day to go.

The second failure was my reasoning for going to the New forest which was I wanted pictures of ponies.  When I visited the same spot earlier in the year there had been heaps of ponies there.  Not so yesterday the only sign that ponies frequented the spot was lots of hoof prints so as you can see no ponies in my 5 photos.  However plenty of water as the ground was very wet from the abundance of rain and the five shots although different require no further explanations".


I love the reflection in these photos and there seems to be a watery theme going on this month!  If this has inspired you to take photos  to add to this challenge you have until 25th before the link closes! It's great fun and this post should answer any questions or give any other information that you need.
Thank you to Melanie and everyone else who has taken part so far this month. Links for these posts are here. I'll be back next month and hopefully with more photos from Melanie.  Will they be taken in UK or Australia I wonder?  
Recently Melanie's daughter had a serious car accident while in Namibia.  She was flown back to UK where she lives and Melanie flew over to provide the high level of support that her daughter needed. I'm pleased to say she is making a good recovery and the cage she wears to support her neck and head will be removed in the next 2 weeks. Melanie plans to return to Australia at the beginning of December and with all this going on I so appreciate that she finds time to do this challenge. 

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