Friday, 6 September 2013

5 in 5 - Melanie September

This post is written by my friend Melanie. She lives in Australia and doesn't have a blog.  I keep encouraging her and hopefully she will one day. Meanwhile she wanted to join the 5 in 5 challenge so I am posting her photos on her behalf.  I love that Melanie wants to take part!  Over to Melanie: 


Top left the aloe Vera plant. This plant has beautiful flowers late winter early spring.  The juice in its leaves is excellent for rubbing on stings and burns having a healing quality.  We are never short of a supply with many plants dotted around our front garden.

Top right a marigold.  I put in a few marigold transplants from the back garden last month after getting fed up with seeing weeds on this patch of ground which eventually is to become a pathway to our decking.

Bottom left bird of paradise plant.    This flower is past its best but I still thought it worthy of a photo.

Middle a ground cover plant whose name escapes me.  I planted this recently in the hope that it cover a bare patch of garden.

Bottom right the first flowers on our new nectarine tree.  We had a beautiful nectarine tree in the back year which died last year so have now planted a new one and given it a spot in the front garden.

I am really appreciative that Melanie took the time to take photos and write this post. Especially as her daughter has just had a serious car accident while in Nambia and is currently in hospital waiting to be flown back to UK. Luckily she seems to have had a lucky escape, even though she may need an operation on her spine,
and Melanie is flying back to UK to be with her daughter when she is transferred. 
So a special big thank you to Melanie for taking part this month, and  special thoughts to her and her family at this difficult time.  The one positive outcome is that I may get to see her again much sooner than I expected!!!
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