Sunday, 6 February 2011

Storytelling Sunday - Butterflies

Thank you to Sian for inviting stories on the first Sunday of every month.  I was too busy for January, but was determined to join in this time.  I love Sian's blog at the best of times, and this relaxing round up of peoples stories is something I look forward to.  Here is mine:

When my granddaughter Summer, was 3 she started preschool.  She had only ever been left with close family members before so my daughter stayed with her on the first session.  Emma showed Summer where things were and explained what would happen next time.  How Summer would come and play with her new friends, and Emma would come back at home time and be waiting and looking through the window in the door.

Next week came.   Emma again explained what would be happening and she told Summer that she might have a funny feeling in her tummy.  Emma described this butterflies and said that this was normal, and nothing to worry about.  Emma said people sometimes get this feeling when they are a little nervous or unsure, and  she reassured Summer that she would be back and that Summer would be well looked after by the ladies there.

When it came to leave, Emma bent down and said to Summer, "How are your butterflies?"

Summer replied, "They are sitting down at the moment".

Summer's first day at preschool was a complete success and I often think of this story with a big smile.


  1. Aww, cute!! I love that :-)

  2. What a lovely story.....I'll think of it next time I have 'butterflies'.

  3. Oh, what a wonderful story! And that's one amazing photo!

  4. Perfect! This is an enchanting story Sandie - I have enjoyed it so much and I think it will stay with me for a long time. Next time I have butterflies I will work on getting them to sit still and then I will smile :)

    Thank you for joining in Storytelling Sunday and for your kind words - very much appreciated.

  5. How sweet! I wonder who was most nervous about Summer's first day at pre-school? I suspect it was really your daughter! Thanks for sharing.

  6. A lovely story! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all get our butterflies to sit down when we wanted them to?

  7. Oh how cute is that. Think I need to get my butterflies to sit down.

  8. Oh how lovely is that story! I will try to tame my butterflies when they next get restless x


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