Thursday, 19 May 2011

Remember to spread your wings....

Saturday saw me at my monthly crop and making a 12" page for my album. I can’t take credit other than for the assembly, as the design and papers were supplied by the very talented and modest Karen Cole.  We were shown a preview of the gorgeous MME Lime Twist papers that we would be using, and they were quite bright for my usual style.  I love a challenge though and wondered what photo to take.  And for the first time I decided to dedicate this page to me.  My husband had taken a recent photo that I loved for it's lighting and natural pose.  And the more I thought about it, the more this connected with the papers and the theme.
For I have been undergoing lots of change lately, not self initiated but in response to what has happened at work.  There have been many decisions to make, lots of risks to take. None life changing (though who knows what may come) but pretty big within my every day life.  And so as I put this page together I felt a real affection for it. 

The Hot Air Balloons also hit the spot as I went to a Festival a couple of years ago and had a weekend I will never forget.  I also took some opf my favourite photos and perhaps I will show some of them one day.  But I digress, and for now here is the page I made on Saturday at Eclectic Keepsakes. 

The quality of this photo is not good but I don't have time to take another at this time.  At least it shows the overall effect.  We hand stitched onto the balloons and used the lovely TIM HOLTZ rosette die.  The way Karen used the papers made them less vivid than I initially imagined, and this page is very fitting for where I am at right now.

One last thing, like others of you I experienced problems with Blogger recently and some comments on my post were deleted.  Tomorrow I am randomly drawing two winners for my VINTAGE GIVEAWAY.  If you did complete my poll and leave a comment, please check that yours is still there.  I would hate you to miss out!! 

And if you haven't, it's not too late to take part but be quick!! 
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