Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What's on your workdesk? Wednesday

There is quite a mess on my workdesk today, as you can see! Apart from a box of home made chutneys and pickles made from produce grown on my allotment, there is still a lot of kitchen clutter. I am struggling to find space for this after the recent work in the kitchen (previous blogs show work in action). More interesting are my mini albums that I am leaving to hand as I want to work on these as and when time allows. I have only one page of the Alice in Wonderland album to do. It seems to be taking forever, but that's only because I keep starting new projects rather than finish what I began! Do you do this too?

This morning I went to a craft shop with my daughter and 2 granddaughters. My own workdesk is out of action just now due to the building work so it was back to Emma's to work. We had a bit of a production line going. Emma is expecting her third baby any day and wanted to make 'washable wipes'. These are small squares of terry towelling backed with microfibre. Emma likes to use environmentally friendly options so these are for nappy changes instead of disposable wipes. While Emma cut the fabric, I sewed them together on my overlocker, and my granddaughter removed the pins. We ended up with over 30 and we have about another 30 to make.

It was a good day and I finally feel I have christened my overlocker. At last!! Some time ago I took a one day course but despite all good intentions to practice and use it regularly it has remained in the box until today. Now my confidence has finally increased and I hope we will find lots of other reasons to use it.

As for my mini albums and and True Stories notebook - these remain untouched today. However, I liked Shimelle's prompt from yesterday. She suggested you can use numbers in your writing, so briefly I'll add a small glimpse of my day:

ONE messy workdesk, currently out of use
ONE car packed with overlocker and materials: ready to go
THREE generations drive to the craft shop
Bought FOUR new cones of thread for the overlocker and
SIX metres of tape - I want to experiment with printing onto it
TWO pieces of 'The Hungry Catapillar' fabric bought - with new baby in mind
FOUR hungry people have delicious meal on way home
TWO children revived
TWO cups of tea enjoyed and
FOUR slices of scrummy gingerbread cut, before we set to work
TWO pairs of scissors snipping away
HUNDREDS of shiney pins carefully placed
THREE busy people making washable wipes
ONE little person busy playing on the floor
THIRTY neatly stacked fabric pieces
FOUR of us tired and satisfied
ONE enjoyable day

I wonder what sort of day you had?

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Jo x #112

  2. BRILLIANT to do the blog using the numbers thing! Well done.
    Little note about adding links...
    Simply click on the person's name, or blog then highlight one or more words and click on the blue Link word in the box above (assuming you are typing it in the blogger thingy). A window will open for you to post in the URL and check it works. I hope this makes sense!
    Moira x

  3. Love the way you've documented your day in numbers.....I really liked this prompt....and am definately going to use it in layouts.

  4. It sounds like you had a fun and very productive day.
    I hope the BIG production goes well when the time comes!
    Chrissie #9

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments.
    I'm trying to use Shimelle's prompts (TRUE STORIES course). It's interesting to try new ideas.
    I'll try and follow your instructions for adding links, Moira. It would be so useful to do this. I think my next Shimelle course must be Blogging for Beginners!!

  6. Sounds like a brilliant day. Where was my piece of gingerbread? ;) x

  7. Wow wonderful sewing place.
    Sounds like great.

    Sandy #1

  8. An overlocker - I always intend to buy one, they are great, I used one at a recent sewing class and was hooked. Great workspace, thanks for sharing :-) Christine #22

  9. What a busy life you lead. I have the same problem of projects not getting finished...happens all the time. Well done to Emma for being so environmentally concerned.You ahve some nice projects on your desk. Jave a great day
    Sue xx 56

  10. Love the journalling. I'm finding it easier to put things on my blog rather than the handwriting thing - I find that I start scarwling and writing notes and then before I know it I have an idea for a digi page and I'm off! :-) x

  11. Oh yeah, I often stall out on the last 10% of a project. And sometimes I stall on the first 10% like True Stories - I've yet to make a decent start! S #84

  12. Love the story of your day.

  13. It sounds like a good day. My overlock has been in a closet for years. I too took a workshop, but i already knew what to do with it. Getting it threaded was the problem!!!

  14. ohoooo busy busy desk...and lots of cups, Happy WOYWW

  15. What a fab post and what a great way to 'SUM' up your day........hehe!!!


  16. I love how you all got involved in doing this together and I also salute your daughter for her environmental concern too. We live in too much of a throw away society.

    Brenda 89

  17. sounds like you have had lots of family fun. Caroline #14

  18. What a fantastic mum your are to help with all those wipes and what a lovely post. See you on Saturday xxx

  19. It sounds like you had a fun day with the family. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 24)

  20. I would love an overlocker! I bought some gorgeous little doll clothes patterns but most of them are made in stretch jersey and the overlocker would make it so much easier.

    You have lots of lovely projects on the go - I'm loving the sound of the Hungry Caterpillar fabric.


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