Monday, 2 November 2015


I started to write an update about how I am getting on with changing habits but decided to have a gentle start to my week... an unwinding of the weekend kind-of-day. So instead I am waving at Sian over at 'High in the Sky'

Life-work balance is really important.  When I worked full time I used to manage the long commute and demanding role by working longer hours on four days and having Friday off.  Yes, it was physically demanding but it meant my weekends were longer, more time to rest and play. So I saw Friday as the start of my weekend I and still do.

And it started as a sitting-at-the-computer kind-of-day. A webinar to watch live, blog posts and letters to write. And a browse of blogs kind-of-day with comments left. Because that is what I am doing more of, and I did more of that over the weekend too.

It was a sort-out-the-sock drawer kind-of-day. You know the ones that lurk in the back forgotten, because they are too tight, too this, too that. Or perhaps you are more organised than me and throw them out straight away! I am getting into practice for that....

Saturday was a bathroom cupboard clearing kind-of-day. An emptying of shelves, throwing out of bottles that have stood the test of time, and rearranging what was left neatly kind-of-day. Meanwhile the washing machine spun and clothes were pegged on the line, but that was a 'what-a-waste-of-time' because the air was too damp for them to dry, despite the hazy sunshine.  

It was also a dash to the shop and feeling smug coming home kind-of-day. Because instead of overloading my trolley I hesitated if things were not on my list. I am reading Marie Kondo's book 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying'. And it is working. Instead of picking things up that I like but do not need I reminded myself they will still be there next time. And they will.

It was also a book 'making' kind-of-day. Or should I say, finishing, because I made the pages last weekend at the retreat. Now they have spiral binding and I am pleased with the result. Three books for three special little girls.

And there was book reading of a different kind and I was sad to finish Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Big Magic'. It came into my life at a good time.

Sunday we defrosted the freezers. There was chipping of ice, mopping
puddles, and some throwing out. Because like the sock drawer some things had got relegated to the back because they had lost their label or appeal. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has taken out rhubarb for a crumble only to find it is braised red cabbage and onion!  There was also a couple of pairs-of-sausages. You know the ones?  When the pack you bought has more sausages than you needed so you freeze the rest thinking they will be just right to go with a
mixed grill or in a sandwich? The ones that slip to the back and get forgotten and are never enough for a meal for two on their own. 

They were home-cooked meal kind-of-days, custard tart treats, and cosy evenings watching the tv. A catching up of favourites programmes like Gogglebox, Four in a Bed, and Come Dine with Me.
Sometimes I just like to switch off and watch something easy. And other times I like something more captivating, so let's not forget the films I watched. I love films! And one in particular grabbed my attention throughout: 'Hector and the Search for Happiness'.  Have you seen this?  It was one of those films that I want to watch over and over again. I know I won't, because as Marie Kondo says, we have every good intention but rarely go back to read a book or watch a film because others take their place. But I reckon I will watch this at least once more, because it ticked all my boxes! And Big Magic? I'll be looking at that again too!

But right now another day looms ahead, so on this Monday morning:

I hope your own weekend has been enjoyable and I'd love to hear what you have found lurking in your own cupboards and freezers. Meanwhile I'll be back tomorrow with another post for my 30 day Blogging Challenge. Thanks for popping by!
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