Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Scavenger Hunt - sent from Canada

My friend Jen made a scavenger hunt for my grand daughters.  It arrived from Canada as a surprise and she'd put a lot of thought into it with a list of things to find and do. So I decided to wait for the right opportunity and it came back in February, when my daughter suggested a visit to a country park. I went with bags for collecting and the list in hand and the country park had a Stick Man trail so it was the perfect time and place.

What better way to start than with sticks in hand!

These are good for drawing in mud and leaving trails....

There were other things to do in the country park that worked well with our scavenger hunt....  like making a nest out of sticks.

Thick ice on the pond and puddles didn't stop the girls finding more!

And there was lots of bark rubbings to collect. 

Of course, there was lots of time for climbing and fun as well!

When we got home we had hot chocolate to warm us up and then we emptied all our bags.  We had a lovely hoard and everything was crossed off the list that Jen had sent.  Then it was time to make things and follow the rest of her ideas. I'll show you what we did next time.

I've been planning to share this post for ages and it was good to look out the photos and remind myself of this day. It might be June now, but it's not a lot warmer! In fact, friends have put their heating back on and we've been tempted to do the same.  Let's hope summer pops her head up soon!  Thanks for popping by and I'll be back with part 2 next week.  


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