Sunday, 5 August 2012


I am a member of Bookcrossing and recently decided I would become more active and involved. I have too many books so it is a good opportunity to pass some on, and I have been 'releasing' books in places such as tea rooms, and an antique centre.... just leaving a book on a table, so that someone else can find and enjoy it.  

And I thought a book about flower arranging would be great to leave in a garden centre, so while no one was looking I popped it among a display.   

There are some official Bookcrossing 'Zones'.  These are recognised places where people release or find books and I made a recent visit to one within a local tea room.  Now, I already said that my plan is to reduce my book collection, so I hadn't reckoned on bringing as many home as I left!  But one was by my favourite author (Elizabeth Berg) and the other two are good summer reading.  Oh well, these can go back in my pile one day, as books to hide somewhere for someone else to find. 

I love quirky things, and so imagine my excitement when I discovered another official 'zone' is a village phone box, you know the kind, the lovely red traditional box that once decorated our streets.  It seems the local council asked the villagers if they would like to make use of this one when it became redundant.  It is now the place where people post local events, and there is a shelf for books.  As you can imagine, it is on my list of  places to visit this summer, and I am putting a bag of books together to take with me.

Meanwhile, on holiday, my granddaughters joined in the fun.  We left books on the campsite and in a play area.  But the mouth of a  crocodile was the perfect place to sneak a children's book or two....

And what fun to leave a book in a Police Box!

Or hanging from a tree!

And while the fun is leaving books for others to find, there is the additional fun and hope that someone will one day enter a books unique number into Bookcrossing and leave a short journal.  And imagine my joy when someone did that, this week.  And they also became a Bookcrossing member.  So who knows, they may release the book again after reading it and then we can both follow it's journey!  

On Tuesday I plan to meet with other members of the local group in a pub.  They have warmly welcomed me and told me to bring a large bag for any books I want to take home!  Looks like I shall be busy releasing books and looking for more interesting places to leave them, but what a fun way to spend summer!

This post is part of Sian's Storytelling Sunday.  You can read more here.  Sian suggested that we think of something involving love for this months story.  Well, my love of books is qualification!!
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