Thursday, 22 October 2015


I have stopped getting excited when the postman delivers mail. Usually there is a wodge of circulars that go straight into the recycling bag or the occasional bill (most are sent on line now).  
So when the post arrived this morning with a 'thud' my thoughts immediately went to a book that I have ordered.  So imagine my excitement when I looked and saw 2 packages and a letter.  Not a circular or a bill. A REAL letter, from a friend.  My heart flipped a few times and I dashed to the kitchen to open these. 

It was the arrival of the book I expected.  Marie Kondo's 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' which I mentioned here. I put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, thinking that I'd take a break while I read my letter.  Meanwhile I opened my second package.

And my heart flipped again!

Because it was a package from my dear friend Angela, in France.

First I smelt lavender... carefully sealed in a handmade sachet. 
Then I looked at this package, beautifully wrapped in a French bakery bag.  And I carefully started to untie..... 
And as I touched the leaf I realised it was still supple. I loved that it had a message written on it!  Such simple delights always make my pulse beat faster.

And when I turned the package over I saw a vintage postcard.  The photo shows a rustic cottage where cows shared living space with the family. Yes, that really used to happen!

And inside the bag.... a book! 

Actually, an Agenda dated 1958.

And on this day, 57 years ago, someone wrote on this page. 
I don't know what it says because I can not read or speak French.  But I'm interested to know and maybe you can tell me?

There are also other slips of paper inside too.

But before I go I thought I would show you the postcard properly. Because in the days before tv, maybe people sat and watched their
cows as a way of relaxing!

Me?  I'll choose one of my books thank you! 

I already have ideas how I will use this vintage Agenda. One time I would have cringed at the thought of tearing pages from a book or doing anything to change it.  Now I came to realise that books like these will be destroyed or hidden away on shelves perhaps never to be seen again.  So by breathing new life into this book I can create something that can live on.  And in this age of throw away, it is good to appreciate and make the most of what we have. Right?

And the other book? 

That will help me to get my life in order and decide what I need to keep throw away.  Well, that's the aim!  And that's the type of balance I am working towards.

But before I start reading I am going to put wax on the leaf that Angela sent me.  Because in Joy's letter she told me that a leaf I sent her back in June has kept well. It was picked off the oak tree that I follow and post about each month, and it now sits on her studio windowsill. How lovely to hear that others appreciate little things that come in happy mail too. 

So, thanks for popping by and as part of my 30 Day Blogging Challenge I'll be back with more tomorrow. Hope to see you then.
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