Sunday, 7 June 2015


Welcome if this is your first time of visiting my page, and if not welcome anyway! 

This month I decided to use set of MDF frames for my THAT CRAFT PLACE DT project. They come in packs of two:

And I also decided to experiment using a bag of MDF offcut pieces.  I used them on this project too, and these are some of the pieces that were left over. There's nothing more I like than using up bits!    

First I glued the shapes onto the frame using PVA, making sure that I kept the design flat at the bottom so that it would stand. 

If you plan to hang your frame this would not be a consideration. 

Next I covered the frame with PVA glue and a thick layer of thick embossing powder.

After gently shaking off the excess I used a heat gun to melt the powder, being careful to get into all the awkward corners.  After I checked for gaps, reapplied glue and repeated the process. 
As this was a contemporary design I wanted an image that would compliment the frame.  I decided this stain glass window, taken in Liverpool Cathedral, would be perfect. 
I attached the photo to the frame using double sided sticky tape and used the same method to attach the back.  I simply slotted the stand into the back and here it is!  I thought about adding acrylic wax to give more definition but for now I have decided the frame looks busy and may be better left as it is.  I often like to live with projects I make and come back to them later....  Do you do this too?
The second frame is quite different, but uses the same technique.
This time I used scrunched up tissue paper and glued it onto the top and sides of the frame using PVA. 

Once it was thoroughly dry I gave it another coat of PVA glue and a generous layer of thick embossing powder, making sure it reached into all the crevices.  I learnt through my first example that it is easier to emboss one half at a time, as this makes it easier to hold while you apply the heat gun.

I assembled the frame in the same way and this time chose a vintage style.  I love how the frames offer such variety and contrast and I have ideas for others brimming!!

But for now here is a list of products used, all of which are available from THAT CRAFT PLACE
MDF frames from TCP
MDF offcut pieces
Tissue paper
PVA glue
Thick embossing powder
Double sided sticky tape
Do check out the range of MDF, it is superior to others I have used and if you see Creative Expressions selling these products chances are they have been made by Lisa!  

Thanks for popping by and do visit the TCP facebook page for more creative ideas.
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