Thursday, 31 December 2015


Sometimes things just don't work out as you plan and over the last few months lots of intended posts have been put on hold because of continued problems with my computer. I have often been unable to access photos that I need, and even the simplist of task has taken considerable time or been achieved in alternative ways.  I didn't appreciate  how much I use or rely on my computer until the problems started.

Thank goodness for my laptop!

I used to make lots of typos because the keyboard is different but with so much practice I have improved. It doesn't feel so much of a challenge now. But it is a compromise because it isn't set up like my computer. And right now the laptop is also out of use. My son has removed the computer hard drive and is using the laptop to back everything up. Which means I am resorting to my husbands tablet to write this.  I'm not complaining. I am grateful that I have access to these. However frustrated I might feel.  Over the past months my son has tried to repair the computer. Parts have been replaced but problems return. He's working on it again as I write. A new computer has been ordered. One way or another I am hopeful that 2015 will see the end to my technical problems.

I hope it will also be the start of new things.  I decided to step down as a Design Team member for That Craft Place.  I enjoyed my 18 month term and decided that I have other things I want to give my time to in the coming year.  I have also decided not to continue with my monthly Tree Following post. Again, it was enjoyable while it lasted but there are other things I want to do. One of my goals is to do less so that I can do more. 

My look back on 2015 will have to wait.  But we can't halt time and what won't wait is the new year, fast approaching. So however you plan to celebrate, or see it in, I hope it is a year that will bring good health, much love and joy, and peace.

Thank you for visiting, commenting, or being one of my followers. I really appreciate your company and how so many friends and connections are made through blogging. Even when it feels like I am walking through treacle backwards!

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