Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I had such plans for this week.  I have time off work you see, and friends coming Saturday to have a creative day.  I hoped to have my Cabin tidy and organised as this is the long-awaited day when we celebrate my new workspace.
But I didn't count on taking the bookcase out of the house and putting it in the Cabin to make way for the new sofas we have ordered.  So once again the house is in upheaval, and there is an enormous pile of books and boardgames on the lounge floor and half way up the wall.  Goodness knows where they will go now!
And the Cabin is also in a state of mayhem.  Shelving units had to be emptied so they can be replaced by the bookcase, and I have worked solidly for three days trying to organise the space. Of course, rummaging through my craft materials is fun, but it is also proving quite stressful.  I never realised how much I had collected, since I have a habit of not finding what I want and just buying more.  The other day Sian wrote about glue and it made me think about the different types that I use.  And when I gathered them together they filled two boxes boxes, one with assorted tapes and one with glues (shown here) ..... 

And I also found lots of empty Pritt Sticks.  I so hate how you can't get to that last bit in the tube. And so I scraped it out and loaded it into one - result - one nearly full tube.
So, I now have tidy boxes and an endless supply of tapes and glues.  Enough to last me for some time and I shall work on putting it away so I know where to find it in future.  That way I won't feel the urge to buy even more!

And just when my momentum was flagging I had a wonderful and unexpected surprise.  My friend Melanie is over from Australia and she phoned last night and wanted to know if I was free today to meet.  So the Cabin was abandoned and we went to visit 'my girls' as it has been several years since Melanie last saw them.  Fortuantly Unfortuantly Summer & Ivy are off school with throat infections so this meant Melanie was able to see them all.  As always we took a group photo, which caused some laughs as we tried to position ourselves
Summer had made a long cord out of wool and wanted to show it in the photo, so I had to scoop Wren off the floor and do a limbo as the timer on the camera counted down.  Needless to say two attempts were needed but we were happy with the result.  Another photo and story for our memories.

Melanie has gone now and so it is time to go back into the Cabin and carry on.  This really is proving harder and taking longer than I expected, but I need to press on because I know it will be worthwhile in the end.
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