Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Learn Something New Every Day - New fonts and ways of printing

My creativity has been given an uplift since making a journal for the month of September, and each day brings something new. I am not planning, just seeing what the day brings, and yesterday I downloaded some new fonts for my computer as I was looking for something specific. Sometimes these small details can make a big difference.

This morning I was faced with a background page with typewriters. I knew some pages would be a challenge as I  prepared pages in advance so that I could add to them daily in a quick and easy way. But this background was serendipity because it reminded me of the new fonts I had downloaded and how I had changed the way I print small details!

Often I want to print a small amount of text or image and using the tray feed means I waste a lot of paper. So I have started to set my printer to rear feed when I want to print part of a page; I can cut off what I need and put the sheet back into the printer rather than seeing it as 'scrap'. It means I have to reset my printer to revert back to the tray feed but this simple task will save paper. That is always a good thing. 

I am also practicing imperfection, which is as well because day 5 page includes some smudges! I remind myself, this is not about being perfect, it's about recording memories and recalling lessons learnt. 

I wanted to add lots of journaling to the next page so the top opens and reveals extra space. Last month I focused on clearing paperwork and magazines and today I am celebrating success.  The clearing and organising is on going but I feel like I have climbed the mountain and it's lovely to make time for some creativity again.

A final page is to remind me of the lovely surprise video call I received from a friend. She just wanted to say hello and I truly 
value moments like that. Often it is the small things in a day that count and it made me think of the times I think about calling some one and don't. Another lesson learnt. 

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