Wednesday, 4 March 2015


This is my 5th year of Project 365 and rather than have my photos sit on my computer I have decided to share them here weekly.
Welcome to week 8:
Day 50: We have our first visit to Kentucky Fried Chicken. It gets a thumbs up!

 Day 51: Cider. Passion fruit and apple. This gets a thumbs up too.
Day 52.  Watching rain fall, across the fields. The sky looked quite dramatic in places.
Day 53. I spent the day making a book, using an online real-time tutorial. It was great fun and I loved the design... I see more being made!
Day 54:  On my morning walk I left a book for someone to find.  I hope they enjoy reading it.

Day 55:  A meal our with friends. Crème Brule and the most lightest handmade shortbread biscuits I have ever had. I'll be going back for more!

Day 56: Who said homework can't be fun!

That's it for another week. 
Thank you for popping by and I'll be back soon with more photos.

TREE FOLLOWING - February 2015

Last month I introduced two trees that grow locally and spoke about how I am 'following' them during the year and noticing any change. So far this has been slow but I am sure once the weather starts to warm things will start to happen.


Around the base of the tree small violets nestle in between the roots. The flowers disappeared for a while but I see buds are appearing once again.

The tree stands on the edge of a field, on a hill.  I love the variations in colour and texture of it's bark.

I usually take my photos in the early morning when the sun gives a yellow glow to the bark.

Buds are starting to grow and I am watching closely for the first sign of green.


No pretty violets round this trunk, just a few pieces of wood and lots of scars.
But the early morning sun is just as beautiful, looking up into the branches.
And the buds are growing more plump week by week.  The field is still heavy with water and a 'For Sale' sign went up the other week.  It is a white field, which means it is not protected like greenbelt, but it's agricultural use should be maintained.  
While the London Plane has lots of contrast and interesting bark, this tree has lichen, green clusters of it.....
And it still holds fast to some of it's brown leaves. 
I wonder for how much longer? 
I have not seen any insects or birds in either tree yet, probably it has been too cold and with the days drawing longer I look forward to signs of life appearing. 
February was a busy month and I am late posting and adding to the link, but better late than never I say! I'll be back with the March update soon, I hope you are enjoying nature and seasonal changes wherever you are.   
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