Sunday, 19 January 2014


On my way home from my Mum's I decided to stop at the reservoir. It seemed a shame not to make the most of this beautiful day and I like to grab opportunities. 

Last summer the water was edged with vast borders of cracked earth, plant life had grown and the geese enjoyed the extra area to forage. But today the water was high. Underneath there was once a
beautiful 19 bedroom mansion that was demolished to make way for the reservoir.  It was a magnificent house with wood panelling and a moat. It is reputed that in 1605 Guy Fawkes met here and plotted to blow up the houses of Parliament. If walls could talk we would have to go under water, for the 700 year old stone walls were used to build foundations for the dams. 11 cottages and 2 farms were also demolished. How sad.

Today I stood on the edge and scanned the water. I saw a seagull and zoomed in....  just as I clicked I heard noise.
A  l-o-t  of noise.
I looked up and saw a huge flock of coots flying towards me brushing the surface of the water with their wings. I quickly repositioned the camera and shot fast.  The resulting image is slightly blurred, but I am happy with it. I have stopped needing to be picture perfect.  Photos should tell a story and this captures the instant my attention was drawn to the noise and the number of birds landing.   

And then, all was quiet again.

This post is part of Helena's weekly neme: ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT.  I love trying out different photography challenges and this is fun. Thank you Helena! 
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