Thursday, 26 February 2015


I thought I would share a quick tutorial on how I decorated a laser cut tea pot and a matching coaster, and if you are interested both designs are available from THAT CRAFT PLACE, where I am a design team member.


As I have been getting messy with paint recently I thought I'd use paper for this project.  I chose a sheet from my collection of 12x12 and glued it to the tea pot leaving a small overlap which would be trimmed once the glue was dry.  I used PVA but you could use other glue of your choice.  I added a contrast paper for the lid and once the glue was dry I gently sanded the edges to remove excess paper and neaten the outline.  

I inked the edges and on this occasion I left the words untreated as I love natural wood and the colour matched the that ink I used.  To finish I sealed it with DecoArt Matt Medium, and attached the words to the teapot using fine fishing line and strong tape.  A strong glue could also be used to attach the fishing line if this is hung in heavy-used areas.

Finally I tied fishing line to the handle and the lid, so that it could be hung at an angle to give the effect of the teapot being poured.


I used a blank MDF coaster and coated it with paint, choosing (Guacamole)  PaperArtsy Fresco as this complimented the paper I was using. 

I also used a set of off-cut laser cut shapes to decorate the coaster.  I love thinking up different ways of using these and to add definition, so I glued a piece of matching paper with PVA and laid the wooden off-cut shapes onto it, smoothing out any air bubbles. 

Once the glue was dry I cut between the tiles with a sharp craft knife.

I trimmed and inked the edges of each tile, then moved them around on the coaster until I was happy with the position.  I then glued them on using Cosmic Shimmer as this is fast acting.  You could also use PVA, DecoArt medium or other glue of your choice.

To finish, I gave two coasts of DecoArt Matt Medium to seal.  I made this for decoration purposes and would add further coats of sealer if I wanted to use the coaster.

With a box of special tea bags (and a mug too if you are feeling generous!) this would make a nice handmade present Mother's Day.  
Laser cut designs from THAT CRAFT PLACE - teapot, coaster, off-cut shapes.
Decorated papers to cover teapot and tiles
Glue - PVA or other suitable for attaching papers.
(Please note: you could use the same glue for attaching the tiles, or use Cosmic Shimmer.  There is no right or wrong, just preference and what you have available).
DecoArt Matt Medium to seal (you could also use this to glue if liked)
Ink for edging
PaperArtsy Fresco paint.
Fishing line available from angling shops
Thank you for popping by!!

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