Sunday, 4 July 2010


Today we returned from a wonderful weekend in Suffolk. We stayed in a medieval hall, parts of which date back to 1380. The front of the house is lined with enormous tomato plants, and here by hangs a story:

When the owner lived in France her neighbour grew tomatoes. Seeds had been passed through his family for generations and he gave some to Sarenka. She has since moved back to England and every year she continues to grow these same tomatoes from seed, she also passes on seeds and tomato plants and donations are given to her favourite charity. Amusingly, the man who originally gave the seeds to Sarenka has a name that translates in English as Mr Nobody! When booking the weekend some time ago I asked for two plants to be put aside for me. Sarenka has kindly nurtured these and today I finally bought them home. Like Hill House Hall, my plants stand at the front where they will be sheltered and protected from any wind. I will make occasional posting about their progress, and as I write I look through the window and can see my Mr Nobody tomatoes, a reminder of a very happy weekend and a promise of good things to come.
I will be putting photos of the weekend on my Flickr photostream so do pop in and see what a wonderful place Hill House Hall is.
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