Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I'm back to share more about the Summer School and if you missed my previous posts you can find out more here and here. As I love making handmade books I thought I would share another that I made. 

Again I painted a sheet of thick cartridge paper with green tea and covered it with rusty objects.  This time instead of using tissue paper I covered it with a piece of cotton fabric.  As before this produced 2 designs in one process.  Don't you love that?!

And here are the resulting pieces:

The cartridge paper

The fabric.
I have put this aside to use for another time.

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you may remember that I went to the Shetland Islands earlier this year.  I took over 4,000 photos and the promised posts are slow coming as I still feel daunted by sorting these out and knowing where to start. There are SO many memories and stories, but that is for another time and I have not forgotten.  But the reason I mention this is because this rusting
effect reminds me of my trip.  Lots of my photos are of rusted objects (yes I know some people take scenery, and I took those too!) and leaving home I selected a few of these photos and printed them on to tracing paper.

I loved the rust print on this cartridge paper so when Alice Fox suggested we experiment with simple book folds I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I had made this structure before and knew these photos would be perfect, so instead of a sample I went straight in to produce a finished book.  And here it is, one side of the paper folded and cut:

 And the other side:

Below is the cover, when the book is folded. 

I need to add a title and I will continue to work on this book a little more. I may add a few words or a poem and this is my usual style of working.... make a start and then let ideas germinate. Often the book directs and I follow.  I love how sometimes I do not know the outcome until it reveals itself. 
On to the cover I have glued a piece of a photo.  Remember it is printed onto tracing paper?  The transparency allows a blending of background and image and if you look close you might be able to make out a section of a large  bollard on a quayside, used for tying up ships and boats.  This is meant to be Bookart rather than a book of photos.  It may feature in an exhibition of my work in November but that's another story so more about that another time.

On the back of the printed side I have glued more photos.  I love how the book forms interesting shapes....

 And when you fold it, you can turn the pages.  See - it is a book!

In the last photo you can see a better image of the bollard shown on the cover.  As mentioned earlier this is a book structure that I have made before but I enjoyed the opportunity to experiment with the design and develop new ideas. There are still more posts to come... did I mention that this Summer School was amazing and that I came home with a bundle of books and printed material to work on!
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