Monday, 23 July 2012


I am busy packing the camper for a week away with my daughter and granddaughters.  Synchronicity (I'm not sure if that is a word but it sounds good) is a funny thing. And it often pops up when I look at Alexa's posts.  Because today she wrote about Enid Blyton, and coincidently I have packed a copy of the Famous Five to take with us.  My eldest granddaughters have started to venture off with their friends, just locally, but out of sight.  A scary time, I remember when my own children were small and I had to start untying the knot in my stomach so that they could learn to be independent.  They think they are quite adventurous and as 5 of us going away it seemed the perfect book to take for bedtime reading.

We are also taking our camera's.  And as a bit of fun I have done a scavenger hunt, sparked by Rinda's summer challenge.  And the fun I had away with friends recently.  But instead of being by the water this time, we shall be staying in a forest.  There will be wooden animal sculptures to find and a host of other things, and we shall be going to see King Lear in the Theatre in the Forest.  The weather is promised to be kind, hot even, and I need to finish packing.  So, I will tell you more on my return.  Because right now it's time for 5 to go to the forest for an adventure!

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