Monday, 28 December 2015


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, doing what you enjoy most. Ours was a nice mix of relaxing and time with family, and after all the pre-Christmas rush and preparations I was in need of some quiet time. So today I visited a local garden and took my camera.  

I wasn't sure what to expect because in the weeks running up to Christmas I watched daffodils in my sister's garden shoot, bud, then flower. It is hard to imagine daffodils in December, but there they were, in their full glory.

Meanwhile in other parts of the country and the world there have been extreme weather conditions. One friend has been unable to return to her Yorkshire home after spending Chirstmas with her family. Severe flooding means her home is inaccessible and she doesn't know what to expect when she finally makes the journey. I feel a mix of guilt and gratitude, because here in the south we have experienced mild weather for the time of year, and some days of blue skies. Yes, we've had rain and a bit of wind, but many days have been so warm that we've not bothered to put the heating on.
So as I set off to the garden, I wondered. Would I see dafodils? Plants in bud perhaps, a few winter flowers? 

No. I saw a spring garden in all it's glory!  Let me show the photos and try to imagine, if you can, the incredible scents of mimosa, daphne, jasmine and mahonnia....

Even the fish in the pond were putting on a show, usually they keep to the bottom at this time of year.

What surprised me even more was the number of bees flying in and out the flowers. And not just these little bees, but large bumble bees too. Unfortuantly my attempts to photograph these was less successful but they were a joy to watch.

And yes. I saw daffodils too!


It's hard to believe this is the end of December. But I'm not complacent. I'm aware that the worse of the weather is probably to come and I wonder what will happen to the bees and flowers that have been lulled into early life. Time will tell, and while I enjoy the unexpected flowers and mild winter in these parts, my heart goes out to those who are struggling with floods, fires and droughts. I hope you have not been adversley affected by the strange weather we are experiencing and that these flowers make you smile as much as they did me. Thanks for popping by.
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