Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's on your Workdesk? Wednesday 137 - Safmat !!

I'm using my other workdesk today.  The one where my computer and printer sit.  I started out tidying the space it as things have got out of hand.  There is a pile of paperwork waiting to be filed and a bill to be paid.  As always I got distracted and I haven't done as much as I'd planned, but I felt I had made progress so I thought I'd give myself some time to play this afternoon. 

I bought a pack of Safmat and have been keen to try it out.  Have you come across it yet?  If not, it is self adhesive printing film which you use like rub ons.  You pop it into your printer (wax side down) and print directly onto it. I hoped it would be as good as it sounds....

After printing I cut out the word that I wanted to use, then realised that I should have printed it in mirror image.  I thought you rubbed it on, you see, and I didn't read the instructions before using, which is typical me!  But having the printed words I thought I may as well experiment, and that's when I discovered that you simply peel off the backing.  And this reveals a sticky back clear plastic with your printing on. 

You can see it here on my page.  The word 'first' is a bought rub-on, and the year and word 'sleepover' are Safmat.  You can see the clear film a little, but overall I am pleased with my new purchase.  If you want to give it a go yourself, here are a few tips I have picked up:

1.  Read the instructions before using a new product!

2.  Safmat is not cheap (I paid £8.25 for 10 A4 sheets).  So print as near to the top and edge as you can, to make good use of each sheet.  I printed across the top and after cutting it off I still have the best part of the sheet intact.  It's an idea to experiment on plain paper first if you are not confident with positioning your text.

3.  Cut close to the word or image so that there isn't too much film showing around the edge.  I learnt this after applying my first word.  My second attempt is much better and there is much less reflection.

4. Peel off the wax backing and stick your word onto your page.  Put a piece of paper over the film and rub. Once burnished the film becomes almost see through.  Again, I learnt by my mistake and rubbed straight onto the image first time.  This lifted some of the ink, so second time I did as suggested and it looks much better.

So, that's what I have been up to on my workdesk today.  You can see what others have been doing over at Julia's and I'm interested to know if you have used Safmat.  If so, what tips you have picked up?  Please share, and  have fun whatever you are doing!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Just One Word for 2012

I have struggled this year to find one word. Yes, lots came to mind and they were good words.  Inspiring or powerful, but somehow they did not completely fit what I felt.

I knew 2011 was going to be a challenging year with lots of decisions and choices to make.  

And so I chose the  word 'intuition'.  It was a reminder that I just need to sit quietly and listen, rather than to act straight away.  And I learnt that if I didn't follow my head, or what other people said, I could trust my intuition to guide me.  

And so, I sat with not having a word  to start this new year.  Hoping that it would come to me when the time was right.  And it did.  Last night.


It's not a word that I had considered or even thought of.  But it felt just right.  And last year I made a lot of progress.

For one thing I was redeployed and my role within a new service  has involved lots of adaption and a big learning curve.  It has worked out much better than I expected, and it continues to be a time for development and change.  And I am looking forward, rather than to the past. 

And my home.  Well, yes that is still work in progress, with the kitchen and utility room unfinished.  But change has happened since I posted hereLots of change infact.  And it
continues to happen.

                                                             In all areas of my life.

But, because change can happen slowly and progressively I don't always  acknowledge how hard I have worked throughout the year.  But I am giving myself a pat on the back right now, and recognising that progress has been made and that 2012 has started out on a much more positive footing. 

And the more I think about the word, I like Progress.
Yes, I really do. 

I wanted a word that recognised change, movement, and growth....   how far I came last year in practical achievement and personal growth.  And the work that is yet to come.... the planned and the unexpected.   And the dictionary defines it just so:

1. movement forwards, esp towards a place or objective
2. satisfactory development, growth, or advance
3. advance towards completion, maturity, or perfection; the steady onward march of progress

Progress sits comfortably.  It is not static or stuck.  Yes, I can happily live with this word, because it is positive, inspiring and it has energy.  Thank you, intuition.....

Before I go I want to share these two posts.  Because they describe how other people chose their words.  

So, I wonder if Alexa, at Trimming the Sails will leave you thoughtful and moved, like I was?
Or, Layla, at The Lettered Cottage will make you smile with her tale of a movie?
And finally, I wonder if you have a Word for the Year, and if so, what inspired you to choose?
 Because what ever it was, I hope it brings you guidance and inspiration throughout 2012.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pondering PROJECT 365

This is my third year of Project 365 and I have mentioned before that I download them onto my Flickr site.   I love some of these photos and how they remind me of everyday life.  Like, when it is two minutes before midnight and I suddenly realize I haven't taken a photo.  Some of the most mundane shots, such as a book on my bedside table, remind me of what I was reading or trigger other simple memories. Sometimes these photos surprise me by how much they mean to me, everyday objects that I would not otherwise think to record. 

But I have always felt that there was something missing.....  and I have wanted to find a way of putting these photos into an album so that I can enjoy them even more.

Then yesterday I went to a new crop, organised by the amazing and talented Ann Freeman.  And what a lovely day I had, with friends, Ann's warm welcome, and her lovely homemade lunch.  Ann had also prepared a layout to do in the class (or take away, as in my case!)  and it started me thinking about how I could do something similar with my Project 365 photos....

.... then during the day I browsed some of Ann's albums that she had bought along.  One of these was a Project 12 album using 12 inch double pages.  And I immediately saw how this could offer flexibility and space for me to use for my Project 365 photos.  I could choose some or all of the photos,  but I need time to let the idea settle and spread before it comes together.  It is exciting to know that I shall be taking down one of my 12 inch albums to use because I also have a plan to 'Use it Up' this year.  But more about this soon.

As you might know, I like to include a photo or two with my post so here are a couple of recent 365 photos.

Some of my blog friends may recognise familiar faces in this photo taken at last weeks Eclectic Keepsakes Crop.  It's the 15th and I've already been to 2 Crops.  What a great way to start the New Year!! As well as these I also have 2 Craft Shows and a residential weekend in my diary during the next 6 weeks.

Who's a lucky girl then?!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Unknown to me, my daughter organised a photo shoot before Christmas.  She has a friend, you see, who is a very talented photographer and they set off one day to a local favourite spot.  Emma likes natural shots rather than posed studio ones and I agree, natural ones reflect personality and capture time and memory.

And so for my 10 things today I thought I would share some of the photos that Tracy took: 

It was difficult to know which to show as there were about 150 photos to choose from.  But I think you'll agree, she has captured my girls beautifully. 

And Emma kept the photoshoot a secret because she had some prints framed as our Christmas present.


Here they are with my new sofa.  Emma didn't know, but as soon as the sofa was delivered and in place I immediately said the wall needs some big black & white photos.  I am sure my daughter and I are telepathic sometimes.... 

Now I have seen all the photos I will change the print on the right.  Emma knows there are better photos but was under pressure to get the set done on time.  I may just have to get more printed now that  I have seen them, too!  And make an album, because I am so spoilt for choice!

If you want to see more of Tracy's wonderful work go here.  Thank you Tracy....  I love, love, what you did!!

And if you want to see more '10 on the 10th Day of the Month' posts pop over to Shimelle's.

I'm off now to see what others have been up to!  Thanks for visiting and enjoy what ever you are doing. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012


It is so good to be able to spread out now, in my new workspace.  One table is full of paper and everything that goes along with crafting ..... you know the type of thing, cutting machines, assortment of glue,  ribbons and embellishments.  I also have various bags and disorganised piles of work in progress.  Including a JYC album that has pages and front cover but no content, Halloween mini albums, and various others. 
Would you agree that I am somewhat behind?

The sewing machine was set up because this time I had a deadline.
Can you guess what I was making?  Or perhaps you'd like a peek?

And there is more peeking at Julia's where you can see more What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday

Wishing you a very Happy New Year and thank you for visiting.

Monthly Make - January

Well my year has got off to a good start and I can't believe it is the 5th and I have already made my Monthly Make!

This is because of a promise rather than planning, but you know how it is when you offer to do something for a friend months in advance.

Jill thought a desk tidy would be a perfect present for her friend who does patchwork.  So I offered to make one for Jill  to give her.  Christmas came and went and now her birthday is also looming.  My last chance not to disappoint!

I wasn't in the mood for machining but made my mind up to get started.  I hope Jill will be pleased with it, and that Wendy finds it useful.  And me?  I am over the moon that I got it done and can add this to Monthly Make!! To find out more about Monthly Makes go over to The Felt Fairy here.

This photo is also part of my Project 365+1.  This is my third consequetive year, and when I can I will use word prompts suggested by Suzie over at 365 photos.  The word for today is 'excitement' and that's what I feel now I have completed this desk tidy !

Monday, 2 January 2012

Welcome 2012!

A quiet seeing in of the New Year for us, and I have relished some quieter days over the holiday when I could unwind and feel less pressured.  And 2012 got off to a good start with my perfect kind of day, a gathering of family for dinner.  We also opened more presents and one was a game called Creationary, which proved much fun.  Played like Pictionary, the idea is that you build something using lego and other players have to guess what it is.  It pushes creativity to areas unknown, I mean, how do you build a water lily out of lego? And, how did my son in law guess from my poor effort and no clues?  I'll never know, but he got a grand applause amid much laughter.  And the game was a great success....  I think it will become a favourite.

When it was time for everyone to go home my older granddaughters decided they would like to sleep over.  And they remembered the promise of homemade popcorn and a film before bedtime next time they stayed....

I love having them around and I realised how much of our fun together involves making food.  Because they also decorated biscuits to eat during the film, and this morning they started the day with homemade pancakes.  This has become a tradition when they sleep over, which started when S was quite young and she helped me make batter and cook them. She requests them every time now.....


And while eating breakfast S suddenly asked if that was an owl sitting on the top of our tree?  A good guess, since it's head was turned at the time, but no.  It was a beautiful kestrel which sat there for some time, preening and posing so that I could get some nice shots. 

And what else of 2012?
Have you chosen a word ?
I think I have but I want to sit with it for a day or two before I commit.

And I have decided to continue with Project 365.  This will be my third consecutive year and I did wonder whether it was too much of an ask, especially as my efforts sometimes felt half hearted last year.  And because I  have more photos than I want to think about downloaded onto my computer and waiting to be organised.  In the past I have been quite methodical about doing this, but this was another of my struggles through 2011 and there is a huge amount of work to be done in order to catch up.  But I  get a sense of achievement when I look back at my 365 collection and this year I want to pay more attention to my photography and to pick up some of my ideas that have got dropped or overlooked because other things were more pressing.  And another thing I am looking forward to is going out with my granddaughters, because for Christmas I bought 10x zoom digital cameras for S & I.  Meanwhile I shall choose the photo of the kestrel as my 365 photo of the day and put it straight into a new album.  Start as I mean to go on!

I hope your own New Year celebrations were equally enjoyable, and a big thank you to everyone who visited my blog, left comments, and inspired and supported me through 2011.  It was truly appreciated.  I hope this year brings you wonderful things.
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