Saturday, 31 October 2015


We never celebrated Halloween when I was a child. I don't remember it focusing much in my own children's childhood either.

But for my grand daughters it is different, and every year it comes round with great excitement. And I get to enjoy it too, because I get to go trick and treating. And last year stands out in memory, see here.   

Halloween also gives me a good excuse to make things.  Like this:

And if you would like to know how, there are instructions here.

Other things I have made are tag books for each of my girls. These have been in the making for a long while. So long, that Halloweens have come and gone! But this year I am going to print some more photos and make up small bags of embellishments because the idea is for the girls to add their own finishing touches. I know they will love that. Here's a few of the pages:


What do you think?

Have a Happy Halloween what every you are doing, and thanks for popping by.
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