Saturday, 19 March 2011

Wading in !

My last post showed my craft area (I still cringe when I think that I shared this!)  
I'm not a tidy worker at the best of the time... things spread and spill and how ever much I get out there is always something else you need.  You know how it is! 
My plan to blitz the room was sabotaged when I felt unwell for a few days, so the door remained shut while I had pj days laying on the sofa, catching up with films and programmes I had saved to watch on the TV.

I made one concession, I needed a birthday card for an aunt.  It was a special birthday so I wanted it personal and found a photo of when she was a bridesmaid.  I received a phone call from her this morning, expressing her surprise and love of the card. 
It's moments like that that make it worthwhile and remind me why I go to the effort I do.  It would be so much quicker to send a shop bought card, but that would not give me any sense of pleasure in sending,or match the enjoyment I get from coming up with ideas and then making them happen. 
I got the idea for this card from a blog I'd just seen.   Pretty Lil' Things just sums these tags up!!

Sian posted a tutorial for beautiful paper rosettes that she made and I want to have a go....  like now! 
But I will have to be patient use it as motivation and a carrot at the end of my stick. 

So with energy restored and motivation flowing I am about to open the door and
wade in! 

By the way, if you like the Dymo tape you can make one here
I found the link on a blog and wanted to give credit but I forgot to write down the details.
How do you keep tract of blogs you might want to come back to??  I am sure I am not the only one who hops from blog to blog, getting more and more lost and giddy with excitement! 
So, apologises to the person concerned... and thank you! 
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