Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Today see's me starting yet another e-course. This has become quite an obsession, but a healthy one since I am learning so much and meeting so many new and amazing women. It really started with Kelly Rae Robert's 'Taking Flight' and I do feel like I have been flying creatively ever since. Each course has been very different, and I am sad that Shimelle's 'Learn Something New Everyday' finishes this week. I am way behind with making my daily recording, and it has been a good learning experience and reminder that I need to keep things simple. I find it hard to just do minimum and because of this things often get unfinished or not even started as they are too big to comtemplate.

So, with this new course I plan to try and approach it differently. I will give it my best but be realistic. I love the fact that this week is about feet.
This morning I took lots of photos and I have posted this one to remind me that I am in the driving seat as I complete this e-course and that I can control the speed and the direction I take. Something I learned from LSNED, so perhaps I shouldn't feel too bad about the amount of time and energy I am putting into e-courses right now. They say 'Practice makes perfect'!

Rye Harbour

RYE HARBOUR is one of my favourite areas to visit and stay.
My son came and discovered hipstamatic effects on his iphone. I was a bit envious and it would take me time to create this using photoshop, but it inspired me to experiment with some of my photos and also to take different shots from my usual style. There was some farm machinery that really lent itself to this effect and so I will plan time one day and see what I can do with them. Meanwhile we also enjoyed walks along the beach and just unwinding.

Here is the black hut I mentioned in
my HASTINGS blog. I still don't
know what it is used for, but it
looks wonderful in the ever
changing light.

Weekend Away

On our way to Rye Harbour we stopped at Hastings old town. I love the fishing sheds, a relic of times when land was a premium and fishermen needed to hang their nets. There are some quirky shops that really inspire me and I have decided that Hastings may be a new discovery for me, but it will be a place I revisit from time to time. There is a vernicular lift with wonderful views at the top across the old town and beach. There was also an arts festival taking place, so a good time to visit.

We then went on to one of my favourite spots, Rye Harbour. I managed over 13,000 and 14,000 steps on my pedometer on the two days there, just by enjoying walks along the beach and surrounding area. Always a wonderful place for photography, as the light and sky is constantly changing. I have so many photos now of the black hut with its bright red roof, I never tire of seeing it. Since I waste so much time trying to arrange photos as I want them on my blog, without success, I will add photos of Rye afterwards. I come to realise that this is why blogging feels such hard work to me right now. I know what I want to do but I can not master the technical side of blogging. Urghhh! Anyway, I'll stop here and make a seperate post. Please bare with me as I continue to learn :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Life is good at the moment. I am on a creative free fall and spending most of my spare time collecting ideas and materials, meeting friends, doing Shimelle Laine's LSNED ecourse and generally having fun. While wonderful, it does mean my time is fully occupied, hence lack of blogs.

While my friend Jill was here the other day she stopped my bustling to look out the window. The gutter was full of rainwater and sparrows were queueing for their bath. Jill suggested it would make a good 365 photo. She is such a thoughtful friend as photography is not in the fore front of Jill's mind - unlike my own! So I did take breath and watch the birds. I took a lot of photos, it was difficult to catch the splashes as they were so fast, but I loved this interruption to my day and this photo taught me a lot. A good thing to add for my 'Learn Something New Each Day' page. This is just one of my projects in progress and this one is mostly in my mind at present, but it will develop and I'll share it soon.

Meanwhile I had 3 full-on creative days with friends this week. No wonder my head is buzzing with excitement and ideas. I'll share some of this as soon as I have time to stand still. I've nearly finished my 'Alice in Wonderland' mini album (see previous posting) and have started a new one with the impending Gypsy Camp in mind.
I just need to slow down and take time to see the little things too.

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