Thursday, 17 April 2014


Saturday saw me at Alexander Palace for the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show. As always I came home with bags bulging and some lovely new rubber stamps.  One of my favourites was from PaperArtsy, Tops & Tails 1.  This stamp needed mounting to use with an acrylic block and I thought I would share the technique that I use:
As I don't like waste I always cut my design from the rubber sheet first taking care to keep my scissors straight.  This ensures the edge of the stamp is supported by the rubber and not overhanging as this would spoil the print.
Next I lay each stamp onto the adhesive side of Repositionable Cushioning, such as Kling-On.  I fit them fairly close with enough space to cut around neatly - this saves wasting the cushion backing where there are gaps in between each stamp on a sheet.  I then cut off the unused backing and replace the waxed sheet to protect the adhesive.
Before cutting each stamp out I cover the backing sheet with talc.  This stops the blades of the scissors becoming covered with adhesive and allows a neat and easy cut.   I have discovered this after many clumsy attempts of peeling the sheet from my blades and having to keep cleaning them! 
Once you have cut the stamps from the adhesive backing sheet, simply wipe the rubber with a wet-wipe. 
When using this stamp I decided I wanted to mask the face from the bottom part of the design.  After one or two attempts I decided to cut it carefully to make 2 separate stamps.  Once done the bottom part reminded me of a dragonfly and with a couple of antennae added it looked the part.  Don't you love it when  things work out even better than you planned!  I'll be back soon to show how I used this stamp. 
Meanwhile, it felt brave to cut the stamp as it was finely detailed.  But the risk was worth it and I plan to revisit some of my other stamps and do the same. 
How about you? 
What risks have you taken with your stamps and stash?
Have a good Easter and thank you for popping by.  Any comments or ideas to add are greatly appreciated.

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