Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Unknown to me, my daughter organised a photo shoot before Christmas.  She has a friend, you see, who is a very talented photographer and they set off one day to a local favourite spot.  Emma likes natural shots rather than posed studio ones and I agree, natural ones reflect personality and capture time and memory.

And so for my 10 things today I thought I would share some of the photos that Tracy took: 

It was difficult to know which to show as there were about 150 photos to choose from.  But I think you'll agree, she has captured my girls beautifully. 

And Emma kept the photoshoot a secret because she had some prints framed as our Christmas present.


Here they are with my new sofa.  Emma didn't know, but as soon as the sofa was delivered and in place I immediately said the wall needs some big black & white photos.  I am sure my daughter and I are telepathic sometimes.... 

Now I have seen all the photos I will change the print on the right.  Emma knows there are better photos but was under pressure to get the set done on time.  I may just have to get more printed now that  I have seen them, too!  And make an album, because I am so spoilt for choice!

If you want to see more of Tracy's wonderful work go here.  Thank you Tracy....  I love, love, what you did!!

And if you want to see more '10 on the 10th Day of the Month' posts pop over to Shimelle's.

I'm off now to see what others have been up to!  Thanks for visiting and enjoy what ever you are doing. 
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