Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I have questions AND answers.....

My notebook and pen, all ready to go....

The first prompt for my new course was questions and answers. In my last post I said I would be handwriting rather than using the keyboard. However, this prompt seemed a great idea for a blog, so I thought I would try it out.
The idea is that I pose myself questions that other people sometimes put to me. Here goes:

Q. “I understand your children never went to school. Why did you chose to home educate?”
A. I was basically dissatisfied with my own education. I remember looking out of the classroom window thinking “that’s where it happens”. I was also frustrated learning what other people thought was important when I had my own ideas. So, my own children had a very different education and this period of my life is one of my happiest and most satisfying. They have grown into amazing adults who I am very proud of. I am so glad that I followed my intuition.

Q. “You work a long way from home and this involves using a motorway notorious for its congestion and problems. Why do you do it?”
A. I sometimes wonder myself, especially when it took me 4.5hrs to get to work! But basically, I work in a specialist area and I choose to travel rather than do something I am not passionate about.

Q. “You are always busy, and yet still find time to do lots. How do you manage to fit it all in?”
A. I’m one of those people that thrive on stimulation and new challenges. In a nutshell, I work hard and play hard. My creative work is a healthy balance even if it does mean I have lots of balls up in the air most the time!!

Q. My husband and my hairdresser have both asked “What did you do today?”
A. Perhaps not what I should have done! That would have meant sorting out problems left from knocking down a wall in the kitchen. I still have contents of the cupboards to put away but lacked energy and enthusiasm. And so I went to visit my Mum, bought a new pen to go with my notebook, and went to the hairdressers. I also spent time on the computer, visiting blogs and downloading photos. Oh yes, and I confirmed a dinner date with friends. We plan an evening to catch up after our recent stay at the Gypsy Camp. We’ll be sharing photos, happy memories and hopefully discussing plans for another camp next year!

I’d love to see some of your own questions and answers. Do leave me a link if you use this idea.

If you want to know more about ‘True Stories’ here is the website:
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