Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Yesterday I was in London. The sun was shining and I was at a training, stuck inside. So when I had ten minutes to spare after lunch, I decided to make the most of the opportunity.


I have always been inspired by Gavin Hoey's photography and his tutorial videos. So, following his idea of 'one camera, one location, 15 minutes to bag the best photos possible', I decided to take up the challenge. Here is a taster of some of my photos, the rest are on my Flickr 

I shall certainly be taking up this challenge again. It was great fun and I took photos I wouldn't normally think of taking. The time is manageable and it will be interesting to see what other opportunities present themselves in future.
I'd love to see your photos if you decide to take up a 10 or 15 minute photo challenge. Let me know where I can see them please!

Meanwhile if you want to check out  more of Gavin's photos you can also look on Flickr.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

In addition to my last blog...

This is the cocoon I was telling you about in my last blog. I was unable
to add the photo without affecting the lay out but I will get there with
patience & practice!!

Busy creating....

I have been asked to post photos...
it is lovely to know that people are interested in what I do. Thank you.
This is very trial and error but I am making my first attempts today. I can't work out how to post 2 photos without it affecting the layout and do not have time to experiment further and hope I can become more creative over time. Meanwhile I am adding the second photo as another blog. Please bare with me!
I recently joined a new group which is really exciting. There is a huge amount of talent and experience among the members and a wide range of interests. This is perfect for me - I am eceletic and do not like to restrict myself to any creative from. I have posted a photo taken at the last crop day and this shows the start of a mini album I am making for both my granddaughters, about the day they were born. This week they went to watch the scan of their new baby brother/sister and I like the idea of sharing their own unique passage into this life.
The same photo shows knitting in progress. Emma used Google images to introduce me to 'cocoons' when she announced this pregnancy. She asked me to knit one but we couldn't find a pattern we liked, so I ended up making up the pattern as I went along and writing it down incase I want to make another! It is made from chunky pure wool and is incredibly soft and stretchy. I finished it the other day and will include a photo as another blog. We will personalize the cocoon, if the mood takes us, once we know whether the baby is a boy or girl. Meanwhile it is added to the soakers and boots I have knitted. I went overboard buying wool when I was in Devon at Easter, so need to keep up the momentum! The trouble is, since I have joined the new crop group and Taking Flight e-course, there is little time for anything else!! Look forward to catching up again soon.

Project 365

Thank you!!

It was so nice to receive your encouragement and supportive comments after my first blog. I was so excited to learn that there are other people willing to share Project 365 with me and this spurred me on to finally
uploading 8 weeks worth of photos on to my Flickr photostream. Never again will I let it go so long!!
Until yesterday my photos have not been public, and I now realise this shuts me off from sharing and being part of a wider community of like minded people. Also, I didn't think my project buddy was looking at updates since she had to withdraw from 365. Therefore I had no urgency to post my photos. So, it is all back on track and like me, evolving and 'work in progress'. I am trying to work out how to add a direct link on my blog page but haven't time to experiment right now. Meanwhile, I hope you will take time to check out my albums :
http://flickr.com/ enter 'arty-san' into people search.
Incidently, the photo is my latest Project 365, taken yesterday on a day out with my granddaughter, Ivy. The piglets looked so restful in the sun.
It was a day for me to unwind too. Life is far too short not to have fun with a three year old!!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome to my blog!

It wasn't until my friend had to drop out of Project 365 that I realised how much I value sharing what I do with other people. I continue my photographic challenge but it isn't the same; I miss our shared postings and comments.

But on a brighter note so much else has happened this past month in terms of creative leaps. I have joined a new group that meets monthly, and enrolled on the 'Taking Flight' e-course which is now in week three of five. I have met some amazing new people along the way and I am learning so much that I feel overwhelmed. But equally, very excited by it all!

I never understood the point of blogs until enrolling on 'Taking Flight'. And certainly never envisaged having one myself! But now I 'get it', so here I am, taking a leap into the unknown world of blogging. Getting started has been a huge learning curve. I want to thank Melanie for pointing me in the right direction when I got stuck. As a fellow newbie it is nice to know we are dipping our toes in this together!

I have lots of ideas and hope that my blog page will develop and evolve over time. This is still VERY new to me, so please be patient! I hope you will enjoy my future postings.

ps: If anyone wants a Project 365 buddy, let me know!!
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