Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome to my blog!

It wasn't until my friend had to drop out of Project 365 that I realised how much I value sharing what I do with other people. I continue my photographic challenge but it isn't the same; I miss our shared postings and comments.

But on a brighter note so much else has happened this past month in terms of creative leaps. I have joined a new group that meets monthly, and enrolled on the 'Taking Flight' e-course which is now in week three of five. I have met some amazing new people along the way and I am learning so much that I feel overwhelmed. But equally, very excited by it all!

I never understood the point of blogs until enrolling on 'Taking Flight'. And certainly never envisaged having one myself! But now I 'get it', so here I am, taking a leap into the unknown world of blogging. Getting started has been a huge learning curve. I want to thank Melanie for pointing me in the right direction when I got stuck. As a fellow newbie it is nice to know we are dipping our toes in this together!

I have lots of ideas and hope that my blog page will develop and evolve over time. This is still VERY new to me, so please be patient! I hope you will enjoy my future postings.

ps: If anyone wants a Project 365 buddy, let me know!!
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