Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I have pushed aside everything on my workspace today because it looked like a mountain and I needed to get organised. I am starting to run Book Making classes this week and after making an example I discovered a re-love for those little wooden alpha stamps.  You know the ones?  They come in a box (usually without a lid) and they have a nasty habit of falling out all too easily!  But having decided I want to use them more often something needed to be done to contain them, so I simply cut strips of thick card and folded it over the stamps, held in place by an elastic band.  So that I can identify
the stamps I took a photo of each set and resized it to fit the lid of the box.  I then printed them out and glued them in place. 

I now have neat looking boxes and hopefully no more escaping stamps!I am ready to add to my collection so I printed an extra copy of the stamp sets to put in my purse, that way I might avoid buying

It's been ages since I last visited so off now for a browse at other workspaces and to see what others have been up to!     

This post is part of Julia's weekly sharing of 'What's On Your Work Desk?' To see what others have been up to why not pop over and see.

5 in 5 - And the winner is!

This month  saw the 12th post for '5 in 5' which means it is one year old!  As way of celebrating I decided to offer a giveaway to one of the contributors who have joined in, and looking back over the year it was lovely to see so many who have taken part regularly.  Thank you - it does mean a lot!  I look forward to visiting your '5 in 5' posts each month and I have decided to continue for another year.  I hope you will join me when you can and that others will take part too, it is simple, quick to do, and fun!  But lets get on to the important part - announcing the winner. 

I went through all the back posts and made a name slip for every contribution. 

I decided to make a short video of the draw and am feeling frustrated because I have sat here for a long time and I am unable to upload it.  Grrrr....!  

I will continue to work on this but
rather than waste time I announce the winner and it is:  MELANIE! 

The draw was fair and square so as Melanie has contributed every month without fail, even when going through a family crisis and on travels abroad, it is well deserved.  Thank you again to everyone who has taken part and contributed and I'll be back on the 5th with more photos. 

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