Saturday, 1 September 2012


This summer has been made extra fun by taking part in Rinda's Photo Scavenger Hunt.  My family got involved at times and I needed just two more photo's to complete my list.  I thought I might come across a pier or fountain during my travels, but no such luck.  

However, there is a pier a-drive-away, so I set off  with my husband for company.  On our way we made a detour to see the Olympic Mountain Bike track.  The road was lined with flags and the sculptures were a lovely surprise along the route.

And then we reached the coast.  

Now, this was when my problem arose. Because Southend pier is the longest in the world, extending 1.34 miles or 2.16 kms from land.  And in a photo it looks like a line across the horizon! 

Poor photos, but nonetheless, a pier!  Mission accomplished!  

And then, just to make my evening complete, Brian spotted a fountain along the waterfront.  Not just one, but a display of fountains that changed colour and height!!  

We ended our evening watching the fountains, while we sat in the car eating fish & chips.  A perfect end to a perfect evening.  

I will miss this challenge now it is completed.  I plan to make the photos into a collage, and I may just have to think up another idea to keep me busy with my camera in the months to come!

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