Tuesday, 10 June 2014

5 in 5 - MELANIE - June 2014

Melanie is my friend who lives in Australia and she loves photography. Every month Melanie has taken part in this monthly neme and we managed to find a way round her not having a blog by posting here. I love that we have found a way for her to take part!  When I began this photo challenge last July I did not anticipate that this partnership would develop. It was not planned but I am SO glad that it happened because it has added something unexpected. I am so excited each month when I open Melanie's email with her monthly photos so once again Melanie, a big thank you, and over to you:

For my June 5 in 5 I decided to take my camera off to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  I had thought there would be lots of autumn colours but that thought proved wrong.  In the spot I choose to take my photos there was lots of colour and lots of sunlight.  Even the bees were still buzzing despite the fact that winter in this part of the world begun on June 1st.  The gardens were also a hive of activity not only buzzing with bees but buzzing with school children.  There were children of all ages, some eating lunch, some being entertained with drum music and many more following trails.  There were plaques all over saying part of the World Environment Day Trail and I realised that was why so many schools had sent children to the gardens as June 5 happened to be World Environment Day.  So back to my photos.  I had intended to make a note of the flowers/plants I took photos of, but ended up being short of time (good job the photos all have to be taken in 5 minutes) and so please just enjoy the photos.  Please watch out for the bee on the yellow flower.

I am always impressed that Melanie's photos reach me so promptly each month, especially this time when she was travelling and mid journey. I wonder if next months photos will be taken on a different continent?

If this has inspired you to take part in this challenge you have until 25th before the link closes. It's great fun and this post should answer any questions or give any other information that you need.
Thank you to Melanie and everyone else who has joined in or left comments. Links for this months posts are here and I'll be back with more photos from Melanie and myself next month. I hope you will join me! Incidentally next month will be an anniversary - one year since the first post. So I will be back soon with an idea to celebrate.  

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