Tuesday, 15 March 2016

5 in 5 - MELANIE - March 2016

Melanie is my friend who lives in Australia and she loves photography.  Every month since the start Melanie has taken
part in this monthly meme and we managed to find a way round
her not having a blog by posting here. I love that we have found a way for her to take part!  So, over to you Melanie:

March 5th 2016 and the last Saturday that we sat on the balcony of our friends of almost 30 years.  Next week they are moving out of their home to a new home much further away, changing from a sea view to a river view.  We became friends shortly after our arrival in Australia.  For several years now we meet up for a Saturday morning walk along the Esplanade from Hove to Seacliff where we climb the steps to enjoy the cliff top view along the coast then it is down and back to our friend’s sea front home to enjoy a drink on their balcony.  Usually that drink is either water or on cold days there is a cup of tea for those that enjoy tea. Today being the last time we can enjoy this weekly pleasure after the walk we forgot the water or tea and had a glass of bubbly to wash down cheese croissants.  My 5 in 5 for this month is a record of this final sit on the balcony.  

I know Melanie and her friends spend a lot of time together socially so they will be missed. Thank you for sharing here Melanie,I imagine these photos are a bitter sweet memory.

If this has inspired you to pick up your camera and take part in
this challenge you have until 25th before this months link closes.

  It's great fun and you can see more posts and link up here.  
And if you want to know more 5in5 this post should answer any
questions and give other information that you need.

Hopefully Melanie will be back next month and I hope you will join us. Thank you for popping by, it is great to have your company!
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