Friday, 6 November 2015

5 in 5 - MELANIE - November 2015

Melanie is my friend who lives in Australia and she loves photography. Every month Melanie has taken part in this monthly meme and we managed to find a way round
 her not having  a blog  by posting here.
I love that we have found a way for her to take part! 
So, over to you Melanie:
"Another month on the calendar turned over as November arrived and no sooner was the page turned than the 5th of the month was here.  No fireworks for Nov 5th over here in Adelaide but the 5th falling on a Thursday meant I was off to my recorder group for a blow on my treble recorder.  Each Thursday a group of us play for an hour and a half then go for a chat and a drink at a local café.  A very pleasant way to spend a Thursday afternoon.
Half way through the playing session our conductor (not sure if that is the correct name for her) gets us to stand and stretch for five minutes so I took those five minutes to take photos of recorders. 
This Thursday we had 5 Tenor players, 5 treble players, 4 descants and 2 basses.  I took lots of photos of the different recorders.  As well as different types of material the recorders can be of a quite different design within the same type of recorder as you can see in the first photo and the one next to it.  They are both bass recorders but one is a plastic one with a bend making it easier to reach those holes and the other is a stubby wooden one.  The next recorder in the middle of the photo is a wooden one of the friend I like to sit next to.  (I like to sit next to her as she has perfect timing unlike me).  Her treble recorder has a beautiful end to it and is 25 years old.  My treble recorder (no picture of that) is a plastic one.  The tenor recorder on the top RHS of the photo is made of a similar material.  My recorder is just a bit shorter than that one.  Then the final recorder in the photo is one of a descant.  This is the type that is often played by primary school children as it lends itself for those small fingers that young children have. Hope you enjoy seeing a few of the different recorders that our group play and maybe it will inspire you to take up recorder playing."
I never knew there was so many different kinds of recorder, not just in size but shape and material too. Some of these are beautiful, especially the wooden ones.  
I regret that I never learnt to play an instrument. Not because of lack of opportunity, more a lack of self discipline. Because I learnt to play the recorder at school, not well, but enough to make a recognisable tune. When my daughter was small I made another attempt and bought a treble and descant recorder so we could learn together. It didn't last. The recorders have now been passed to my granddaughter who was learning to play at school. I'm not sure that she mastered it any more than we did. 
My other granddaughter started to learn the guitar. I have one of those too, sadly in the loft, forgotten. Hers is also packed away somewhere. The idea of learning an instrument appeals but lack of dedication seems to run in the family. It's good to know that others are not so easily put off and I enjoyed hearing about Melanie's group. So, thank you for sharing this Melanie! 

And what about you? What is your story? Do you have musical instruments propped up or tucked away forgotten, or a lingering longing to play without the commitment to practice? 

Do tell!!  Because you will make me feel, oh, so much better!

Or perhaps you are learning, or accomplished, or like Melanie, you meet regularly with others. Because YOU gain my respect, and hats off to my blog friend Eileen who not only plays but teaches others!

Do tell!!  Don't be shy!! 
I've accepted that some people play and others listen and enjoy! 

Hopefully I'll be back with more photos from Melanie next month, I hope you will join us.
 If this has inspired you to pick up your camera and take part in this challenge you have until 25th before this months link closes. It's great fun and you can see more 5in5 posts and
And if you want to know more this post should answer any
questions and give other information that you need.

I'll be here tomorrow for day 23 of my 30 day Blogging Challenge.  Thanks for popping by and to those of you who have left comments.
It's so good to hear your own stories and thoughts, they really brighten my day! Thank you! 

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