Friday, 30 October 2015


I look forward to Julie's monthly post about numbers because I can be a bit of a geek sometimes where numbers are concerned. I love how they make patterns, sequences, and are the basic structure for so many things. Like the Fibonacci sequence, for example. I may not be good at maths but I don't need to be in order to appreciate the order and rules that can sometimes apply. Look at this for example:

This was shared on Facebook by Australian Teachers. Why can't we teach maths like this?!  How simple when you know the tricks and patterns. But I'm not going to talk about that. Not today. Because Julie invites us to look back over the month and to look for numbers:

And I start by celebrating!
Because THIS post is my 100th this year!  
What's more, it is also my record year for writing posts.  I started off with intention to blog more regularly, and I am.

30 - the number of days I signed up for, when I started the
30 Day Blogging Challenge.

16 - the number of days completed so far.  Meaning I am over HALF WAY.

FOUR - the number of new groups I have joined this month in an effort to meet other like minded people. Three of them, the NLP, Artists Group and Knit and Natter will become regular dates in my diary as I discovered lots of common interest, lovely people and I came home buzzing. Just what I hoped for!!  
As for the woman's business group that I attended: I may try again or another group. I want to network and share more of what I do, in terms of running workshops, but I do not want to focus on sales pitches, marketing, and promoting a business. That's not my style.

2 - Webinars
ONE pending, ONE watched. My FIRST experience.
Often I have been out/in a different time zone/otherwise busy and so the timing is not always convenient for me when Webinars go live. I discovered that these are a great way to learn and I look forward to signing up for more in future. Even if I have to change plans, in some instances!

4.6 MILLION  shells decorating Margate Grotto.

3 friends a visiting....

 And no, I didn't count them!  
Other Grotto facts you might like to know:

Age of construction: unknown. 

1836 - the year the Grotto was discovered.
1838 - the year it opened to the public.
104ft -  the length of the underground passages.

ONE - workshop run:
Austrailian Hidden Piano Hinge books with 5 signatures.

 TWO  -  nights away in the camper. 
With THREE  giggling grand daughters.

Windows 10 downloaded.   I will share my thoughts when I've had more time to play.

ONE retreat, and LOTS of things made.

TWO workshops attended.

And a story to tell. 
I planned a visit to a local craft shop and discovered there were 2 places available if we wanted to make a card while we were there.
So places booked, my friend arrived to pick me up and showed me a set of free stamps on her latest magazine. I immediately decided to buy a copy. But guess what?  When we arrived at the shop we learnt that these stamps were used in making of the card, and that copies of the magazine were on sale.  I was meant to have them! 

So, that's me, this 30th day of the TENTH month. I have meant to take part in 'My Month In Numbers' for such a long time, so I'm pleased to have finally succeeded. Thanks to Julie, over at 'notes on paper' for coming up with this idea, and to you for popping by.
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