Thursday, 15 October 2015


In my last post I spoke about distractions and how Facebook can take me away from things I want to do. Don't get me wrong!  It also provides a network of groups, friends, and opportunities that I would not want to be without! Spending time on Facebook can be like having my closest friends in the same room, but it's all about balance.  Sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I aimlessly witter time away that I could be spending with friends (real or online), creating, or doing other things that I enjoy. It's like the times I have got on the wrong train or driven past my exit on a motorway and need to retrace my journey to be somewhere I want to be.  A little more thought or planning can prevent these diversions, and so it is for me....

And another diversion is when I have things to do that are difficult or I would rather delay or avoid. I came home from my holiday knowing I had things like insurances, tax, and other mundane but essential things to organise. I'm also trying to develop my creative ideas: to organise more workshops, exhibitions and to get myself out there more. It all takes time and sometimes these things overwhelm and drain me. But I overcome these hurdles, I did what I needed to do, and have turned a corner.  Yay!! 

So what did I do?

1.  I put on my big girl knickers and kept going!

Even when I didn't want to. 
BUT I was gentle with myself.  I told myself that obstacles are not meant to deflate or stop us - and that once I have done these things I will feel a sense of achievement and relief.
And I do!  Insurances and tax are sorted. I have moved on!

2. I reached out to others.

I recognised that I am not the only one struggling with these things and that advice, support, and experience of others can be helpful  what is needed. A warm understanding smile helps too!

I made appointments to get help with starting a small business as I want to take more steps.

I joined a local woman's business group and attended my first meeting.

This led to an invitation to a one day local seminar - my ticket is booked!

This also led to me discovering the 30 day Blogging Challenge. I couldn't believe how well this fits with my plan to refocus and reconnect!!
Do you believe in synchronicity?  I do!!
In my last post I said I would think about how to do this. I didn't need to, because the idea presented itself, so I have signed up! It will keep me accountable and on track. Let me pause here... I do not plan to get overwhelmed or whip myself into action! No! If I miss a day or something interferes, that's okay. I do not strive for perfection or accolade, I simply want to have focus and enjoy this experience. And coming back to my previous post again and things learned and said, I plan to spend more time visiting blogs and I will be leaving a comment because it is good to give as well as receive. 

Which brings me back to 'Why I'm Setting Myself a 30 Day Blog Challenge'.  Bare with me.... 
I had an email this morning from my blog-friend Sian Fair, (I am linking this particular post as it is relevant to what I am talking about, but do check out her other posts too!!) Anyway, Sian warned me not to go to Pinterest and another friend said that she looses hours there!  Both these  were in response to me saying how much time I waste on Facebook. And I had a light bulb moment because I love Pinterest but I am drawn to Facebook because it provides interaction with others.  I comment and may get a response. It is a two way thing. Pinterest and other social media platforms are less engaging in this respect. And the richest and most engaging connections for me often happen through blogging. Like Facebook, the interaction with others is important. So that's why I am setting myself this challenge. To readdress the balance. 30 days should get be back into a routine that I can continue and I am looking forward to reconnecting with blog friends and making some new. And here is more synchronicity!  Yesterday Julie Cameron wrote about about finding balance between social media and creativity.  The 'inflow' and 'outflow' as she calls it. Everything seems to be pointing to the same direction. 

3. And there is more!  
I also contacted a local artist-friend because I decided to try and increase my connections.  So this week I went to my first Knit and Natter. It is held in a lovely tea room and I found myself in good company and meeting others who not only knit but blog and love the same things I do.  Why didn't I make more effort to meet before?!!! 
But I guess everything has it's time and place and for me that time is now.

But that's not all.  This connection also led on to me being invited to join a local art group. I went to my first meeting last night and what a wonderful group of people I have met! Already there are talks of possible workshops, exhibitions and events that I can be part of. Exciting times ahead!! 

It's funny how the universe sometimes gives you what you need and everything pulls together. This time last week I was overwhelmed and frustrated. Sometimes we have to be proactive and trust that all will come right. 

Once again I have waffled, said too much more than usual and wonder how many of you have read to the end. If you are still with me thank
you!! And I'd also like to say a big thank you to those who left such long and thought provoking comments on my last post. I was blown away by the response and it gave me to confidence to write again with authenticity and intuition. But don't worry over the next 30 days I will be back to my usual sharing of photos, latest creations, and news. Some of these are already planned but I don't know what things are in store as part of this blogging challenge so watch this space!  I am on an exciting journey!  Which reminds me, my one-word for this year is TRAVEL. How apt!!

I mentioned how the universe sometimes gives you what you need. Well, as part of the 30 day Blogging Challenge I visited two posts written by others who are taking part. I didn't spend time looking - these were both recent posts that looked worth visiting.
Amazing then that they should connect so strongly with me! I thought I would share links and I will try to set up a Pinterest board  which is a learning curve for me. I know some of you are doing Julie's 300 comments in 30 days challenge and are also visiting new blogs so I hope these will be of interest. 

If you like photography or finding ways to take time out you may like this.

In this and my previous post I have written much about feeling overwhelmed and feeling distracted. Funny that the second blog I visited addressed these issues spot on!!  You can see them here and here.   

By the way, let me know if you sign up for the 30 day Blogging Challenge!!  Thanks for popping by, I'll be back tomorrow.
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