Tuesday, 18 January 2011


At my last crop I put together a 12" x 12" page using some  
absolutely gorgous papers from the MME Portabello Road Glittered paper range. The sort that I would normally put away and just admire, or stroke, saving for that 'perfect' page. I love going to the crop because I hijack such thoughts and follow the crowd... cutting carefully around the filigree edge on one sheet then removing the whole centre leaving just a very narrow border. My instincts were yelling at me not to spoil the page, but I carried on... carefully and trustingly.  Another page was also cut...  it reminded me of therapy....  there's no gain without pain.

Then I assembled. Without seeing the papers in advance it is sometimes difficult to choose the right photo or colour match. On this occasion I had taken another photo with these papers in mind. But luckily I usually take others with me. And this time I knew JUST the photo to use. Taken by a friend it has become one of my current favourites. I used it on some of my Christmas cards this year, and what was more, a corresponding photo was the perfect size for the 2" frame.



Yesterday I showed the page to my granddaughter. 
She studied it for a moment or two then said in an
amazed way "HOW did you do THAT?!"

I can't take any credit, other than for the assembly. But I loved the end result and my granddaughters response. I told her that one day the pages I make will be hers to keep. That one day she might be able to show them to her own children.

"And my boyfriend" she added.

I had to smile.

I have lots of things on the go and struggling to finish anything at the moment as things are quite stressed at work and my mind is all over the place.  A lot of things are stirring and it is a time to wait and see what happens.  Meanwhile I am experimenting with making flowers and trying to organise my space. 

I have booked on another Belstead Residential weekend in February and am very excited about that.  The focus will be on how to make the best of your photos for scrapbooking or albums. I will be taking some of my works in progress to see if I can complete any.  And I have promised myself not to start new ones until I catch up!!
Have a great week!
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