Saturday, 7 November 2015


Do you ever watch Gogglebox? I confess it is one of my favourite programmes because like Kate Bottley, the vicar who appears regularly, I enjoy relaxing in front of the tv. Apparently she also enjoys a cup of tea while she watches and she never appears in the programme without her teapot on the coffee table.

A sudden thought. Why is it called a coffee table?  We British are known for our tea aren't we?!

Anyway, I digress!  The reason the teapot catches attention is that it always wears a tea cosie. There are ones shaped like elephants, pineapples and a rabbit. Even one that looks like Kate herself! So now, as well as enjoying the programme, I enjoy looking out for the latest tea cosie because they make me smile.
And because I wondered about the story behind these tea cosies I did a Google search. It seems others who watch this programme also noticed Kate's teapot and they started to knit and send in tea cosies. 
Here's a link that will tell you a bit more if you are interested. 

Kate and her husband also have a greyhound dog called Buster. If you watch the programme you will know he spend a lot of his time laying on his back in an uncompromising position!  There will be more about dogs in my next Knit and Natter.  Yes, the vintage patterns that I was given have sparked so many memories and thoughts!  

Comments left on previous posts made me smile. It seems I'm not the only one to have family stories about knitted swimwear!  Thank you for sharing and if you have any about vicars or tea cosies I'd love to hear those too!  

And suddenly another memory is triggered! I have my own story about a vicar and swimwear! So before I go I'll quickly tell you about the time a friend went into the sea.  She'd gone with her church on a day trip and there was some refined elderly ladies among the group and the vicar, of course. When she finished her swim she started to walk towards the beach. The vicar and others were gathered on the waters edge when suddenly D realised that one of her boobs was missing! What can a girl do but laugh! D has a wicked sense of humour and so she laughed hysterically, because she makes no qualms about being a breast cancer survivor and wearing a false boob. Inplants were't the thing, back then, and this didn't phase D. Infact I think she delights in having stories like this to tell! 
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