Sunday, 28 April 2013


Welcome to Pass the Page, a blog hop organised by Julie Jeavons.  Now I love a challenge so I happily agreed to take part in this celebration to mark the 2nd year of Julie's blog.  It's the first time I have taken part in a Pass the Page and for those who do not know what it is (and I didn't until recently!) it is a bit like Chinese whispers. 

Julie mustered a group of us and she designed a scrap book page which she photographed.  She emailed the photo to the next person on the list, and their task was to scrap lift from Julie's page and create their own.  'Scrap lift' means to use ideas or inspirations from the design and then make it your own.  The second person (in this case Alison) then followed the same rules: scrap lift, photograph, pass the page..... 

You get the idea. 

We were not allowed to show anyone else our page and so we will all have a big surprise when we post our page at the scheduled time. 

Now when it came to my turn there was a technical glitch.  For some reason my email was playing up and I did not receive Missus Wookies photograph.  And when we realised the problem I was under pressure to complete my page in record time as otherwise I would have held up the schedule. I  had little time to ponder so I basically lifted the layout and created a quick page using what ever I had to hand. And while I like layers and pockets, there was no time for details. It was a case of get the page done and pass on - I impressed myself how fast I can work when I need to!  

We had recently been for a walk over a country park and I had taken some photos I liked.  But my main reason for scrapbooking this page was the story behind it. You see I didn't fancy going to this park when Brian suggested it as my last visit had been a disappointment.  But I didn't want to change his idea.  I often choose where to go so I hid my lack of enthusiasm and went a long.  And I am so glad I did!  The park had been totally transformed since my last visit, and there were some wonderful sculptures, a new craft room where I chatted for ages with the artist owner, and happy memories to bring home.  It was also a lesson learnt: 

Bend when the wind blows....

To see what the next person lifted from my page, pop over to Missus Wookie

And if you started here and would like to go to the beginning, go to Julie's blog post here

I am looking forward to visiting everyone's page to see how things changed a long the way.  And if you want to do the same here is a complete list of those taking part in the Blog Hop in case you have missed any or get lost.  Have fun!! 

And Happy Blog Birthday to Julie!


Miss Smith  
Misses Wookie 
Sandie  - you are here now!
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