Friday, 26 July 2013


I have not been home much these past weekends as I have been on two consecutive retreats.  It is time to catch up on projects and to try out new things, and in between my bags were left packed ready for my next escape. And because my weekdays leave little time outside of work for other things I look forward to this time away and being with friends. 

One thing I do not enjoy is unpacking so on Wednesday, after my return, my workspace looked like this:

Something I started this month is an art journal using an old atlas. It is part of an online course called Passport to Art that runs daily through July so it is giving me techniques to try and a focus.  I have been planning to spend more time art journaling so this is a good push towards doing that. I love things to do with 
journeys and quotes, so it was time to get messy and play! Here are some of my pages so far:


Each day a new technique, quote and prompt is posted as part of the course.  As always I am having trouble keeping up and I find my best way is to just dive in and spend a number of hours at a time. But opportunities like that are hard to come by unless I am on a retreat. No more are planned until November, but then I have two booked. Retreats are like buses it seems. You wait a while then two come together. And who's complaining? Certainly not me!

Over at Julia's there are lots of other projects and workspaces being shared.  You never know what you might find, so why not pop over and say hello.  Thank you for visiting and have a good week.

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